Sunday Bunday!

I love to bake.  And I love that I’m going to be Mrs. Bunny.  Is there a way I can somehow combine these two loves?

Apparently so!  These two blogs illustrate how bunnies and baking do go together.

Bunny bread

Hilariously chubby bunny bread!

Easter bunny bread

Adorably snail-like bunny bread

 Can you imagine these being passed in a bread roll basket?  Too cute, I say, too cute.

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Sunday Bunday!

Adam’s last name means rabbit, so the ladies of his family have TONS of bunny paraphernalia.  Plush bunnies, glass bunnies, funny bunny books…his sister-in-law even wore a cotton-tail at her wedding!  I started my collection of bunny stuff once we started dating, and I keep an eye out for cute bunnies in all places, at all times.

Since I will be the future Mrs. Bunny, I am dedicating my Sunday posts to cute bunny stuff from all over the web and world!  Introducing…Sunday Bunday!

Today’s cute bunny item hails from another wordpress blog, Bittersweet.

Bunnies are coming

Bunnies are coming

Wouldn’t this be the most adorable surprise in our wedding invitations?!  Bunnies gone postal.  I love it!

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My Turn! Dream Up the Day, Part Two

This post concludes my four-part series on Adam’s and my dreams for our big day!

Less than 200 people.  Even thought it’ll be large, I want the ceremony and reception to feel very intimate and personal.  Everything will be very “us,” from the handwritten notes to the abundance of hugs and laughter, all mixed in with our favorite things and people.

I know it’s such a trend, but I do love the photojournalistic style.  I want laughter-and-tears-inducing candids, fabulously unique posed shots, and a handful of formal portraits.

A beautiful reception photo

A beautiful reception photo (Source)

My Dress:
I only know that I want something white and streamlined/fitted.  I’ll know when I try it on. 🙂

His Suit:
He’ll wear a gray suit with white pinstripes and a white shirt.  I’d love him in a bright, baby blue tie and socks!  I imagine him with a simple calla lily boutonniere. 

Bridal Party:
I’d love them in pretty, blue dresses!  Their bouquets can have blue and white flowers with one crazy-bright pink flower mixed in. 

Blue bridesmaid dresses

Blue bridesmaid dresses (Source)

He’ll have a silver (dark gray?) band.  And me?  I’m still admiring my engagement ring. 😉

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My Turn! Dream Up the Day

 Now we know what Adam’s envisioning for our big day.  Let’s see how my ideas compare.  Following are my uninhibited dreams for our wedding!

My favorite sappy songs (The Luckiest,
  True, So Close, The Look) would play throughout the ceremony.  For the reception, we’d have a two-DJ team emcee and play the cool, lounge-y music that Adam likes during dinner and more of my favorite sappy songs for slow dances.

I envision white and various shades of blue.
  Or how about black and white, with shots of cobalt?  My shoes and bouquet will be the bright, candy pink exceptions. 😀

I love the blue lighting!

I love the blue lighting! (Source)

In a word—LUSH!
  I want full, fluffy, wanna-smoosh-your-face-in-em peonies, roses, and ranunculas.  Centerpieces can be pale pink, blue, and ivory.  I want luxurious and romantic flowers in modern arrangements. 

I’d love everything to be outdoors on a beach!

Blue and white on a beach

Blue and white on a beach (Source)

For an indoor event, can we book the castle from Beauty and the Beast?  I’d love an exquisitely gilded ballroom that needs no further decoration.  For the ceremony, I love the gorgeous churches in NYC with their incredible architecture (especially the ceilings), stained glass windows, and candles galore.  Le sigh.

The beautiful ballroom

The beautiful ballroom (Source)

Korean food!
  If there is rice, I will eat well on my wedding day. 🙂  The portions must be big enough to satisfy the manly appetites in our families.  I love tiny desserts in a large quantity and variety, but I’d still need my big, beautiful cake!

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Dream Up the Day, Part Two

In my previous post, we learned that if Adam had a superpower, it would be to turn everything blue. 😉  Actually, I think he started liking blue more when we started dating.  I wonder if that has anything to do with my infatuation with his heart-melting, killer blue eyes…?  Annnnd now, without any further ado, let us continue with the rest of his ideas for our wedding.

Medium sized wedding…I suppose 200-300 which may seem large at first but that really will be just enough to fit all of the key people in our lives.

Bride’s Dress:
Something fitting so I can see Hannah’s curves, but obviously I want it to be classy more than sexy. I want to see a veil and some sort of hanging part…ya know so little girls in cute dresses can carry it off the floor. I want your hair to be up but have two pieces on each side of the head that fall in front of your face. Does this make sense…? I picture it, and it is beautiful.

Groom’s Suit:
Grey pin stripe suit with white/baby blue vest and/or tie.  Something to bring out my eyes and match the blue roses! 😀 (See a theme?) Spikey hair… 1 week old from being cut!

Bride’s Girlzz:
A light blue dress…something cute and fun. I want them to be able to move and dance in it! This is important so they have a good time!

Cute blue dresses

Blue bridesmaid dresses (Source)

Groom’s Boyzz:
A black suit with a blue tie that match one another. I think even if the suits are cut different they should have the same shoes.

A choice for the groomsmen?

A choice for the groomsmen? (Source)

Simple/classy wedding rings. Gunmetal would be nice…a grey color of sorts.

Now that we’re through with Adam’s preliminary thoughts about the big day, we’ll continue next time with my ideas!

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Dream Up the Day

Last night, Adam and I spent a few minutes separately writing our ideas of the “dream wedding.”  If you can’t tell from the premise, this was totally my idea. 🙂  We wrote what we’d choose for each element of a wedding if our budget, time, and resources were limitless, and then we compared our lists.  Let’s start with Adam’s notes, shall we?

A DJ that we know…. but will play some of our favorite songs. I am sure if we started to record the ones we love together, we will have a nice list. I want to stay away from typical “white people” wedding songs. Does this make sense? I think it does.

Blue and white…the blue can be a contrast of blues but they have to be the color of a blue rose. I think the color of a blue rose should be the staple for all napkins and silverware, etc…

A blue inspiration board

A bluey blue blue inspiration board (Source)

Blue roses everywhere…petals, too. White flowers can accomodate. Blue and white will be the theme colors and the flowers can really make this. Blue Orchids? I think I would like this a lot. Since all blue flowers are dyed, it should be possible to get a variety.

Someone who chooses interesting angles and colors. I really don’t see the need to pay someone to take everyday normal pictures. Ya kno? I don’t know how to communicate this to the photographer, though.

Someplace that has a classy feeling to it when you drive up. The decor on the inside doesn’t have to be as fancy, but I want people to feel special that they are coming into this place for my wedding. Getting married outside would be the best…I REALLY would love this.

A grand entrance

A grand entrance (Source)

Similar food to the President’s Club in Cabo. I want filet mignon and some sort of grilled chicken. Veggies/seafood can all be chosen by the future Hannah Bunny. Alcohol will be free for guests. Especially Serbian drinks.

Part Two of Adam’s ideas is coming up next!

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