Dream Up the Day

Last night, Adam and I spent a few minutes separately writing our ideas of the “dream wedding.”  If you can’t tell from the premise, this was totally my idea. 🙂  We wrote what we’d choose for each element of a wedding if our budget, time, and resources were limitless, and then we compared our lists.  Let’s start with Adam’s notes, shall we?

A DJ that we know…. but will play some of our favorite songs. I am sure if we started to record the ones we love together, we will have a nice list. I want to stay away from typical “white people” wedding songs. Does this make sense? I think it does.

Blue and white…the blue can be a contrast of blues but they have to be the color of a blue rose. I think the color of a blue rose should be the staple for all napkins and silverware, etc…

A blue inspiration board

A bluey blue blue inspiration board (Source)

Blue roses everywhere…petals, too. White flowers can accomodate. Blue and white will be the theme colors and the flowers can really make this. Blue Orchids? I think I would like this a lot. Since all blue flowers are dyed, it should be possible to get a variety.

Someone who chooses interesting angles and colors. I really don’t see the need to pay someone to take everyday normal pictures. Ya kno? I don’t know how to communicate this to the photographer, though.

Someplace that has a classy feeling to it when you drive up. The decor on the inside doesn’t have to be as fancy, but I want people to feel special that they are coming into this place for my wedding. Getting married outside would be the best…I REALLY would love this.

A grand entrance

A grand entrance (Source)

Similar food to the President’s Club in Cabo. I want filet mignon and some sort of grilled chicken. Veggies/seafood can all be chosen by the future Hannah Bunny. Alcohol will be free for guests. Especially Serbian drinks.

Part Two of Adam’s ideas is coming up next!


March 10, 2009. Decor, Flowers, Foodies.

One Comment

  1. amanda lieber replied:

    i love this wedding dress (in the pic with ll the candles)-do you have any info on it?

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