Dream Up the Day, Part Two

In my previous post, we learned that if Adam had a superpower, it would be to turn everything blue. 😉  Actually, I think he started liking blue more when we started dating.  I wonder if that has anything to do with my infatuation with his heart-melting, killer blue eyes…?  Annnnd now, without any further ado, let us continue with the rest of his ideas for our wedding.

Medium sized wedding…I suppose 200-300 which may seem large at first but that really will be just enough to fit all of the key people in our lives.

Bride’s Dress:
Something fitting so I can see Hannah’s curves, but obviously I want it to be classy more than sexy. I want to see a veil and some sort of hanging part…ya know so little girls in cute dresses can carry it off the floor. I want your hair to be up but have two pieces on each side of the head that fall in front of your face. Does this make sense…? I picture it, and it is beautiful.

Groom’s Suit:
Grey pin stripe suit with white/baby blue vest and/or tie.  Something to bring out my eyes and match the blue roses! 😀 (See a theme?) Spikey hair… 1 week old from being cut!

Bride’s Girlzz:
A light blue dress…something cute and fun. I want them to be able to move and dance in it! This is important so they have a good time!

Cute blue dresses

Blue bridesmaid dresses (Source)

Groom’s Boyzz:
A black suit with a blue tie that match one another. I think even if the suits are cut different they should have the same shoes.

A choice for the groomsmen?

A choice for the groomsmen? (Source)

Simple/classy wedding rings. Gunmetal would be nice…a grey color of sorts.

Now that we’re through with Adam’s preliminary thoughts about the big day, we’ll continue next time with my ideas!


March 12, 2009. Wedding dresses.

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