My Turn! Dream Up the Day

 Now we know what Adam’s envisioning for our big day.  Let’s see how my ideas compare.  Following are my uninhibited dreams for our wedding!

My favorite sappy songs (The Luckiest,
  True, So Close, The Look) would play throughout the ceremony.  For the reception, we’d have a two-DJ team emcee and play the cool, lounge-y music that Adam likes during dinner and more of my favorite sappy songs for slow dances.

I envision white and various shades of blue.
  Or how about black and white, with shots of cobalt?  My shoes and bouquet will be the bright, candy pink exceptions. 😀

I love the blue lighting!

I love the blue lighting! (Source)

In a word—LUSH!
  I want full, fluffy, wanna-smoosh-your-face-in-em peonies, roses, and ranunculas.  Centerpieces can be pale pink, blue, and ivory.  I want luxurious and romantic flowers in modern arrangements. 

I’d love everything to be outdoors on a beach!

Blue and white on a beach

Blue and white on a beach (Source)

For an indoor event, can we book the castle from Beauty and the Beast?  I’d love an exquisitely gilded ballroom that needs no further decoration.  For the ceremony, I love the gorgeous churches in NYC with their incredible architecture (especially the ceilings), stained glass windows, and candles galore.  Le sigh.

The beautiful ballroom

The beautiful ballroom (Source)

Korean food!
  If there is rice, I will eat well on my wedding day. 🙂  The portions must be big enough to satisfy the manly appetites in our families.  I love tiny desserts in a large quantity and variety, but I’d still need my big, beautiful cake!


March 17, 2009. Decor, Flowers, Foodies, Lighting.

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