Secrets Day

I have a secret.
I have been “pretend planning” my wedding for years.

“Pretend planning” was a byproduct of my voracious apetite for lovely images and creative ideas.  “Pretend planning” involved the daily visitation of favorite wedding blogs and constant discovery of new wedding blogs and sites.  It also involved saving every glorious wedding idea and image that appealed to me on my computer.  Now that I’m actually planning my own wedding, I find myself swimming in inspiration in every style and color palette imaginable!

Soft pink palette

Soft pink palette (Source)

Colin Cowie--sooo inspirational

The master--sooo inspirational (Source)

Now it’s time to step up and choose.  Do I want vintage or modern?  Playful or elegant?  Black and white or brightly colored?  Is it really worth it to spend money on pretty uplighting?  Is there such a thing as a classy, subtly bunny-themed wedding?  And honestly, what is with everyone using the word “whimsical” on wedding websites?  Heehee, just curious about that last one.

Oh, the choices to make.  Where do I even begin?


April 4, 2009. Decor.

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