Sunday Bunday!

Adam and I went to Target (Yayee Target!!!) yesterday, and we couldn’t help but notice how bunnies have seriously taken over the store.  Colorful carboard hares hanging from the ceiling, rows of rabbit greeting cards, delectable bunny chocolates and candies……it’s a long-ear’s heaven in there! 

Bunnies are an adorable symbol of spring and easter and math (multiplication!!!  Ahem.  I love cheesey jokes).  However, I don’t think bunnies should be limited to spring celebrations.  There are ways to incorporate them into any chic soiree!

Take, for example, the bunny napkin.

Fold it up--bunny style

Fold it up--bunny style

Bunny Napkin

Bunny Napkin

These would be adorable at a baby shower, child’s birthday party, or any celebration involving bunny-loving individuals.  Learn how to fold your own bunny napkins at the lovely websites of Martha Stewart and GoodHousekeeping.  I’ll be on the lookout for more sweet and subtle bunny ideas till next time!


April 5, 2009. Bunnies, Decor.

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  1. crystal replied:

    i need a picture with the procedure.

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