Sunday Bunday!

Around Easter time, Adam and I had a blast going to Target to look at their bunny-related merchandise.  They also had these cute signs hanging from the ceiling:

With a bun bun here and a bun bun there...

With a bun bun here and a bun bun there...

My personal favorite!

My personal favorite!

They were way too adorable!  I wish I could hang them on the walls of a reception hall…like framed pictures but cuter.  Or perhaps a few could hang outside the doors to welcome people with a smile.  If we had a dessert station, we could hang the muffin-making bunny above it to help everyone locate the sweets.  The reception would need a casual, fun atmosphere for these signs to work.  My mind is spinning with ideas!

Pictures are courtesy of Adam’s Instinct (top pic) and my Blackberry.

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Sparkle-ay Day

The story about my ring begins with a story about my mother’s ring.

Years ago, my mother had a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL (like hallelujah choruses sang in its presence) ring.  Whenever she wore it, I’d ask if I could try it on.  It was simple: a thin white gold band and a big, sparkly diamond.  In my eyes, it was perfect.

In her eyes, it was too simple.  Too young.  She needed a setting with a bit more presence.  When she told me this, I begged her not to change it and to save the ring for me!  This was a few years ago, when I had no mister. She laughed and assured me that the ring my future fiance chose for me would be just as beautiful, if not more so.  She ended up with a gorgeous, stately setting.  And, eventually, I ended up with my dream ring.

And now I present…

in a picture taken on my cell phone the day after the proposal…

my simply gorgeous, crazy-on-fire-sparkly ring:

Le sigh!

Le sigh!

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Happy Birthday, Bun!

Today is Adam’s birthday!  We’ve been celebrating all week, and we have lots of plans to continue the celebrations till the end of the month!

Happy birthday/birthweek/birthmonth, my love! 😛

You make me so happy!

You make me so happy!

I love you!

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Every Day is Sweetest Day…

 …when I’m with Adam.

 I found this on my car window one chilly morning:

I <3 U

I ❤ U

Adam is a connoisseur of car frost art and mirror fog art.  I wish I took more pictures of the romantic and silly things he’s drawn and written on my windows and mirrors.  In the winter, he drew a heart on my windshield, and it stayed there for months and months…until the inside of the windshield got completely covered in frost one morning (how does that happen?!), and we had to scrape it clean.  We also draw on friends’ car windows when we sit in the back seat.  Just a warning.

I saw a picture from someone’s wedding at Amelia Lyon Photography that reminded me of Adam’s sweet works of art:

So sweet

So adorable

I’d love to have messages from friends written on the windows and mirrors of our getaway car!  Or maybe I could wield the window marker myself to surprise Adam.  Now that I think about it, this kind of surprise does not need to wait until our wedding day……..

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Sunday Bunday!

My life’s work has been and will probably continue to be in the field of Early Childhood Education.  I’ve always had a heart for babies and toddlers and kids.  Even after 9 years of teaching and student-teaching and a lifetime of babysitting, I am still awed and amazed by children every day.

Last year, I was in grad school and working at our university’s early childhood center.  One of the two-year-olds was playing with fresh, homemade play dough (which always smelled delicious, by the way).  I gave him a cookie cutter and lots of room on the table, and he created this:

Bun bun bun bun bun bun bun

Bun bun bun bun bun bun bun

Ahhh, bunnies organized neatly in a row.  Now that’s a boy after my own heart!

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Guestbook Idea: A Day in Memory Lane

Le sigh

Le sigh

Do you see what I see?
I see a book I would LOVE to make but may not have the memory (and patience) to create.

This is a guestbook from a wedding over at Snippet and Ink.  The couple saved receipts, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia from their years-long relationship.  They used the artifacts to create a lovely book, made even more special with the notes and signatures of their wedding guests!

Captions, too!

Captions, too!

I have boxes and boxes of memories like these. If I want a book like this in time for my wedding, I’d better start working on it now!

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Guestbook Idea: Happy Booth Day

Who doesn’t love a good old photo booth?

They bring the wacky faces and out-of-control giggles out of anybody.  I’m a fan, and I would love to go to a wedding with a photo booth.

Since no one else has volunteered, maybe we can have one at ours!

I'd love to personalize our booth like this.

I'd love to personalize our booth like this.

The booth above is from Mrs. Cupcake‘s wedding on Weddingbee.  Guests could leave one strip of photos in our scrapbook/guestbook and keep the rest! I love this guestbook:

Capture your friends' and families' silly faces forever!

Remember people's silly faces for years to come!

There are quite a few photobooth companies in our area!  Here are the names and locations of a few we might consider:
Photo Booth Express in Des Plaines
ShutterBox Photo Booth in Chicago
Chicagoland Photo Booth in Glen Ellyn
312 Photo Booth in Oak Park
Windy City Photo Booths in Plainfield

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Sunday Bunday!

More details surrounding our engagement:

Adam and I love playing silly games together. Disney Scene-It is a current fav, but we also have a special talent of making up games on the spot. Early in our relationship, we played competitive games with the book I Spy. Yes, the search-and-find children’s book 🙂 We marveled at the detail and work that went into each photo. Each one was a work of art!

For our engagement, Adam created his own I Spy!  He, of course, went with a bunny theme.  After filling a ping-pong table with bunny stuffed animals and figurines, he spent a whole evening snapping photos, rearranging bunnies, adjusting lights, and reviewing edits with his sister-in-law and grandmother.  Finally, he took it to a printing store to have it blown up on a thick board.

The results?  AMAZING.  I never saw it coming, and like any girl, I love a sweet surprise!  It was a hit with our family and friends afterwards, too!  See for yourself:

My best bud trying to find all the hidden objects.

My best bud trying to find all the hidden objects.

I really shouldn't smile THIS big in photographs!  Showing off my poster and *ring*, the last object I had to find in the I Spy.

I really shouldn't smile THIS big in photographs! Showing off my poster and *ring*, the last object I had to find in the I Spy.

The bunny with the red bow wore my engagement ring before I did!

The bunny with the red bow wore my engagement ring before I did!

Happy Sunday Bunday!  I’m so excited to be Mrs. Bunny in less than a year!!!

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Flooffy Flower Day

One of my second graders used to bring me these flowers, picked fresh in the morning from her garden. 



I had never seen (or noticed?) them before and had no idea what they were called.

They were beyond fluffy, to an extreme that I call “flooffy.”  They were fragrant, soft, and light–the makings of the perfect wedding flower.  And now I know their name: Peony.

Picture source: Apartment Therapy

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Little Frog Flower Day

Ranunculus means “little frog,” probably named because the flowers, like frogs, are often found near water.

Frogs are fascinating creatures, but I would argue that ranunculus are much prettier.

Petals galore

Petals galore

The bright pink ones would be perfect in a corsage or sitting atop a wedding cake 😉

Picture source: Michelle Rago

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