A Comfy, Cozy Day

Spring is a wishy-washy month.  Especially in Chicago.

For example:

  • I’ve always had Spring Breaks from school in late March.  The trouble with having Spring Break in late March is that it feels eerily like Winter Break, Part Two.  Brrr.
  • My birthday is in May.  I remember many hot, sunny birthdays in years past.  I also remember times when it snowed and snowed and SNOWED on my birthday.
  • Today is June 2nd (it’s still officially spring until June 21st).  It is so cold, people are still wearing coats to school.  The heat and air are turned off at our school, and I’ve been shivering all morning and sitting cross-legged to warm up my frozen toes.  Thank you, month of June.

When our March/April wedding rolls around next year, I’d love to give favors or gifts that would help our guests stay warm and cozy.  I think the following pictures captured the most considerate and useful favors I have seen:

Fleece blankets?  Yes, please!

Fleece blankets? I want one!

Love the simple string and heartfelt note

Pashminas! Love the simple string and heartfelt note.

I would be thrilled to receive either of these at a wedding!  It’s not just a token or trinket…it’s a real gift.  I can never have enough blankets, and pashminas work with almost any outfit.  Is there any downside to this favor idea?

Blankets from Snippet and Ink.  Pashminas from Heidi Ryder Photography.


June 3, 2009. Favors.

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