Love Pink Day

I’m a pretty frequent shopper at VS Pink.  I wouldn’t wear anything emblazoned with a giant logo (or any logo for that matter), but they win big points with me for being:

  1. Comfortable.  My softest, cuddliest sweatpants (that word sounds so outdated, but I’m not sure what else to call them) are from Pink!
  2. Cute.  I have black. straight-leg corduroys from them, and they have the tiniest pink patch near the belt loop.  It’s a patch of their dog logo, which happens to look like a silhouette of my puppy!  It’s the little things. 🙂
  3. Casual.  I don’t expect fancy stuff from them.  I want clothes I can wear while lounging around the house or pool, and I think Pink totally mastered that genre of clothing.

Perhaps the above reasons explain why I was so drawn to the theme of this bridal shower:

It's all so well-done!

Such attention to detail. Who could ask for more?

My dream stationery?  Check.  Lovin’ the playful use of letterpress!
One of my fav flowers?  Check.  The peonies are in full bloom.  Gorgeous~~~
My choice in polish?  Check.  Gotta have Essie!
My favorite food of all time?  Check.  Hello, big, juicy strawberries 😉
The best color ever?  Check!  Hot pink, soft pink, they covered the whole spectrum.

I love the idea of bridal showers, bridesmaids luncheons, all-ladies’ tea, and other girlie celebrations.  The giggling, the sugary desserts, the sweet moments shared…I’m all about it!  Any holidays or special events coming up?  I’m inspired to plan a pretty, pink party!


June 5, 2009. Decor, Favors, Flowers, Foodies, Letterpress, Stationery, Sweets.

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