Vendor Day: My Florist

When people ask me about our wedding date or location or basically any detail…I have no answer to give yet!  We’re still trying to find that one perfect place.  Once we have that, we’ll be able to make informed decisions about everything else!

However, there is one element that I’ve had planned since, oh, about birth:  My florist!

My beautiful, sweet, and talented florist knew my parents before I was born.  Our families went to church together, and I remember babysitting her kids while I was growing up.  Since she and my mother were close friends, we were thrilled for her when she opened her business, Wildflower Florist and Gifts, in Naperville.

On Mother’s Day, I visited her store to pick up a flower arrangement for Adam’s mother.  She barely let my pay, but her work is worth the big bucks.  The Mother’s Day arrangement was big, beautiful, and the flowers were flawless.

The cheery and bright flowers reminded us that, despite the wintry weather, it was definitely spring!

The cheery and bright flowers reminded us that, despite the wintry weather, it was definitely spring!

While I was at her shop, she invited me into her back room. She was busy working on pieces for a contemporary-style wedding, but she said to go look in the giant refrigerator by myself. Many of the centerpieces and bouquets for the wedding were already finished and waiting in there. It was like a backstage pass! So I quickly shut myself inside the chilly room, armed with my Blackberry’s camera and awe-struck eyes. It was wall-to-wall floral gorgeousness! Here’s a shot of some pearl and satin wrapped bouquets:

My sneak peek!

My sneak peek!

Now if Adam and I could just set a date, I could move ahead with all the flowery ideas floating around in my head!


June 12, 2009. Flowers.

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