What I Know Today

I was rereading my last post and realized that we actually have more of our wedding planned than I gave us credit for.

Here are the things we know about our wedding for sure:

  1. It will be in the chilly months of the year.
  2. Our colors will be bright and citrus-y: pink, orange, and yellow!
  3. We will have about 200 guests.  Adam’s parents had 600 guests at their wedding, and my family tree never ends.  Finances require us to select only our nearest and dearest.
  4. Koreans and Serbians will share toasts and tables.  I like to call our unique hybrid “Korebian”  (like Carribean with an “O”)!
  5. Frizzbee (his dog) and Luxi (my dog) will make appearances through pictures.
  6. We will have a subtle bunny theme, mostly for my own amusement!
  7. Above all, we want to host a sweet, joyful celebration of love and family bonding.  I think this would work well with a bonfire…everyone feels closer after a bonfire. 🙂  Hotels, banquets halls, any takers on this idea?

We may not have some essentials planned, but hopefully the things we do know will lead us to the right date, time, and place.


June 13, 2009. Bunnies, Decor.

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