Venue Day: I’mma Check You Out

As a teacher, it’s easy to think, “I’ll get that done over the summer.”  Instead of doing normal-life things during the school year, I spend all of my time creating lessons, preparing materials, writing assessments, creating newsletters, grading, researching, tutoring, conferencing, and teaching.  By the time June rolls around, I have accumulated a miles-long list of things I need to do over the summer.

Now that it’s summer break (woohoo!), I’ve started working on the number one task on that list:  finding our wedding venue.  Searching online didn’t provide enough information for us, so Adam and I started visiting places.  We started with locations in Oakbrook, since it’s close to home, starting with:

Drury Lane in Oakbrook

Drury Lane in Oakbrook

My family has been to several shows at this classy theater, and Adam’s family goes to their Christmas brunch every year.  Drury Lane was also the location of our high school prom–that’s more of a fun fact than a selling point. 🙂  Adam and I visited a few weeks ago, and I loved walking into the lobby with their plush red carpets and glittering chandeliers–it made me feel like getting all glammed up!  The prices were within our budget, and the staff had tons of experience with special events.  The downside was that we wouldn’t have the whole ballroom to ourselves…it’s just too big.  Next up:

Doubletree Hotel Oakbrook

Doubletree Hotel in Oakbrook

The Doubletree looked plain on the outside, but I loved the modern lobby.  The ballroom had gorgeoussss ceilings, and we could use their shiny, black grand piano for our cocktail hour.  We met with their wedding planner, and she was sweet, knowledgeable, and responsive to our ideas and budget.  Of all the catering directors and wedding planners we’ve met so far, she is the one we’d be happiest to work with.  However, their prices meant we’d have to keep looking.  Nearby, we found:

Grotto in Oakbrook

Grotto in Oakbrook

Adam went to Grotto without me.  It’s the only restuarant we checked out in person.  It has a beautiful brick exterior and luxuriously large leather chairs in the foyer.  He liked the atmosphere, but its wedding packages were not as all-inclusive as the ones we saw at Drury Lane and Doubletree.  The venue search continued…


June 18, 2009. Venue.

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