Sunday Bunday!

As noted in previous posts, Adam gave me a ring beyond my dreams for our engagement.  I love this beautiful, incredible, expensive gift…..and I wanted my Bun to have a little keepsake, too!

So after much deliberation, I decided to get him (badabadabada <— drumroll)…………an engagement laptop!

He’s a computer whiz, so I wanted to get him the newest and best.  I had a little inspiration to start with:  We saw the Smart Home at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and we visited the Home of Tomorrow in the Epcot Center at Disney World.  I forget if it was both homes, but at least one featured an HP Touchsmart comptuter that connected to a bajillion things in the house!  The icons slid across the black background with a swipe of the tour guide’s finger, and applications opened and closed with a light tap on the screen.  Its visual appeal wasn’t lacking either:

HP TouchSmart Computer

HP TouchSmart Computer

Adam was in the market for a laptop and wanted a tablet PC for easy use on the train.  And guess who makes great tablet PCs?  Yep, HP also has a line of TouchSmart notebooks.  Together, we found the boldest and best of the bunch, and I finally put it in his hands today. 

HP TouchSmart Tx2

HP TouchSmart Tx2

HP TouchSmart Tx2 Tablet PC

HP TouchSmart Tx2 Notebook PC

Yeeah, it’s pretty hot. 😉  Happy engagement, bun!


June 21, 2009. Uncategorized.

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