Another Unconventional Day

Speaking of crazy ideas…

There is one white dress that I’ve always wanted, searched for, and compared all other dresses to…..since I was 13 years old:

Juliet's angelic dress

Juliet's angelic dress

From the moment I saw it onscreen in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, I loved everything about this dress.  More than a decade later, I still love it and think about it whenever I’m shopping for dresses.  I own at least five white summer dresses, all purchased because of their similarity to this one.  It also doesn’t hurt that the dress caught the eye of this guy:

Romeo and Juliet...and the dress!

Romeo and Juliet...and the dress!

Haha, the love of my 13-year-old heart.  That is, until he made movies that were not Romeo and Juliet, and I was wholeheartedly disappointed that he was not Romeo all the time.  Anyway, I also love the halo-like hairstyle and wings she wore with the dress…but then I’d definitely have to wait to wear it on Halloween. 🙂

My dream dress

My dream dress

Alas, I haven’t found it yet. I might need to beg my mother to make it for me.  I wonder if I could wear it at one of our wedding-related events.  Perhaps it would work for my bridal shower or post-wedding brunch…or I could use it for my getaway dress!


June 24, 2009. Dresses, Wedding dresses.


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