Un Jour Peu Conventionnel

I have one more wishful wedding indulgence that cannot/will not/could not possibly take place in real life.  Since I’ve always been a dreamer, I’ll express it anyway!

Pretty pretty Laduree

Hellooo, ladylike heaven~

Inspiration for my future bakery!

Inspiration for my future bakery!

I would love to have one of our wedding-related celebrations at Laduree, a cake and pastry shop specializing in French goodies. I’ve fallen for their perfectly-organized store interiors, cute window displays, fancy packaging, and unique sweets. So what’s holding me back from booking my ladies-only festivities there? The location.

You're way to beauuuuutiful, girl!

You're way to beauuuuutiful, girl!

Beautiful boxes

Luxurious boxes

In beautiful script, the boxes proclaim their home base:  Paris, France.  Le sigh!  I can’t wait to go to France someday.  Usually when I say this aloud, I receive a terribly cynical response from someone who’s been there or someone who knows someone who’s been there.  Despite the dream-dashing comments, I still would love to go.  And I still know that I will love it there.  Laduree has opened more locations in Europe and Asia, but I’m looking forward to visiting the Paris bakery one day.  Since a Laduree wedding cake is out of the question, maybe we could save up for one of these babies for our tenth (fifth?  first?) anniversary:

A fantastically unique wedding cake!

An amazing Laduree wedding cake!

 Mmmmmm…it doesn’t even have to be delicious when it’s this pretty. 😉

Picture sources: Laduree
Third picture source:  Weddingbee Pro


June 27, 2009. Foodies, Sweets.

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