B-Partay Day

I am very wary of non-re-wearable, uncomfortable bridesmaid dresses.  I wouldn’t want to wear them, and I don’t want my bridal party to wear them!

Thus far, I haven’t decided on who’s going to be in my bridal party.  That probably needs to get done in the next few months!  As for dresses, I don’t have a preference for b-maid dresses as far as style, length, or color…but I do have some basic guidelines for what they’ll wear.  I hope their dresses will be:

  1. Flattering:  All my girls should feel like they look their best!
  2. Dance-friendly:  Adam and I want to see our troops getting loose on the dance floor  😉
  3. Feminine:  They should wear the kind of dresses that make women, young and old, exclaim, “Ooh, that’s so pretty!” and “Oh, how lovely!” 

Here’s some bridal party inspiration to get me and my ladies started:

Long and lovely

Long and lovely

I always say no to green clothing, but these earthy green dresses may be the only exception. The wedding dress is so romantic, and the b-maid dresses echo the romance a bit more softly.

Light as air

Light as air

 Gray for a bridal party?  That sounds so blah.  But these dresses are très adorable, and the details make them feel fresh and fun!

Okay, green and gray.  You won some points with me today.  I’m impressed by how feminine and sweet you colors can look.  However…….I’d still love to see all of the above dresses in shades of pink!

Picture sources:  Instyle Weddings, Perfect Bound


July 2, 2009. Bridesmaids, Dresses.

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