Sunday Bunday!

A few days ago, I almost bought a book from Borders about how to knit miniature animals.  The appeal?  The teeny tiny-ness of each soft, squishy toy.  The reason for rejection?  The time and work required to make the animals.  And the lack of bunnies.  On my way home, I (hilariously) imagined myself knitting a whole crew of bunnies, starting with Adam and me.  Maybe the first two would look similar to these little guys from YarnCraft:

Bride and groom bunnies

Bride and groom bunnies

Haha, so cute!  I found a ton more books on the artform (called “amigurumi”) and a ton more knitted delights!

So if that’s not enough cuteness for you, check out the hilarious Chef Pig!
If that’s not enough sweetness for you, here are the sprinkled cupcakes!
If that’s not enough cupcakes for you, then view the knit donuts & cupcakes!
If that’s not enough knitting for you, I present the calm, cool penguin!
Phew.  That was exhausting.  But it’s worth the effort to spread cuteness across the world.

Chef Pig

Chef Pig

Cupcakes---frosted and sprinkled!

Bright and ruffly cupcakes!

Donuts and cupcakes--frosted and sprinkled!

Frosted donuts and cupcakes!

Knit penguin

Knit penguin


July 5, 2009. Bunnies.


  1. Jeanette replied:

    Oh my COW, now I want to learn how to knit!! These are sooo adorable. If we start now, we could make them as your favors! 😉

  2. bonniezink replied:

    Great job on the cuties. It makes me wish I had little girls to knit fun stuff for. I suppose I’ll have to wait for grand children.

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