Venue Day: Danada House

The Danada House is located in Wheaton, and I’m partial to it for several reasons:

  • I only have to drive on one road to get me there and back.  No turns, no directions needed…amazing!
  • It’s nature-y—colorful gardens and giant trees.
  • I used to take horseback riding lessons there!
  • The ballroom is beautiful with its big windows and hanging lights.

I went for a visit and looked through some photo albums of previous Danada House weddings.  I didn’t want to forget all the fabulous images, so I whipped out my camera and snapped shots of my favorites.  These were all originally taken by Fred Fox Photography.  Please don’t mind the obvious picture-of-a-picture-ness.

Windows and wood all around

Windows and wood all around

I originally did not like this venue, because it seemed a little too country. Modern, chic hotel ballrooms appealed much more. But now, I’m thinking about the ambience and pictures I want on our special day and realizing that maybe I’m more of an outdoor bride! Well, not entirely outdoor. I don’t love the possibility of inclement weather, insects, or mud stains. But I do want to see nature around us, not just wallpaper and dividers. And I’d rather take pictures by trees and flowers than by the grand entrance of a hotel.

An outdoor ceremony

An outdoor ceremony

An indoor reception

An indoor reception

All dressed and ready to party!

All dressed and ready to party!

My only concern is finding a caterer.  This is the only venue I visited that didn’t have in-house catering.  Outside catering is a whole new realm of the wedding world that I’ve never explored.  What do you think—could it be worth the trouble for my perfect setting?


July 6, 2009. Decor, Venue.

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