Budgety Delicious Day, Cont.

Say hello to my new friend, Marie’s Catering!

Some of the work of Marie's Catering

A wedding catered by Marie's at Danada House

Their menus are divine; they’ve been around forever; and they are dedicated to quality and fresh ingredients! Their prices are not extreme, but the wedding package we wanted was out of our reach. My goal was to find a package price that, when added to the rental and venue fees, would be comparable to the packages at all-inclusive venues. After a series of emails back and forth with one of Marie’s sweet, professional, and understanding event coordinators, we created a wedding package that will be good to our tummies and to our budget!

When I received the latest package proposal in my email, I was jumping around the room! I called Adam immediately!  He’s happy, but we both know that even with the new and improved catering deal, Danada House will still cost significantly more than our other top choices.

I’m sure Adam and I will spend lots of time discussing venues over the next few days. The venue is such a big decision. I hope we choose one that makes us both happy 🙂

A Marie's cake at Danada

A Marie's cake and table at Danada


July 9, 2009. Foodies, Venue.

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