A Battle a Day

…keeps the debt away!

*Fists up*  Right now, I’m having an all-out brawl with our budget.  Meanwhile, Adam is having a Super Soakers war with his little cousins.  I think that means we’re pretty much in sync today 🙂

This morning, I created a budget worksheet to keep track of our future expenses.  I made four columns:  Item, Percentage of Budget, Expected Cost, and Actual Cost.  I put in the numbers for catering (food, drinks, cake), and it came out to 70% of our budget!  That basically leaves tiddlywinks for the dress, suit, photographer, dj, florist, invites, gifts, rings, ceremony, reception site fee, and the 20+ other items on the sheet.

So I ask myself, while typing intently at my laptop, Carrie Bradshaw-style:

*Typity type type"

Is it possible to have a weekend evening reception for 200 guests
on a reasonable budget?

We could buy a shiny new car with this money.  Instead, we’re offering it to caterers and venues.  Alas, it’s not enough.

What are my choices?

  1. Switch from evening to daytime.  Goodbye, sunset, stars, and moonlit glow.  I would’ve loved to see you through the gloriously large windows at Danada House.
  2. Switch from a weekend to a weekday, which may be troublesome for our guests.
  3. Skip dinner and have a late evening desserts-and-cocktails reception.
  4. Cut down our guest list.  I just tried this.  I could cut down my side from 123 to 100 of our closest relatives and friends.  Adam has 125 on his side. 
  5. Have an alcohol-free wedding.  That’s what I always wanted, and at $20/person at most places, it could save about $4000.  Whoa mama.

If I were being smart-Hannah, I would make any of the above changes lickety-split!  However, the wedding brings out the hopeless romantic, dreamy-Hannah who shyly shakes her head at doing any of the above.  I don’t think dreamy-Hannah’s going to get me anywhere in this battle.


July 11, 2009. Foodies, Venue.

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