Sunday Bunday!

I wonder if all the other women who married into Adam’s family were thrilled to become a Mrs. Bunny.  I wonder if they considered wearing a cottontail at their reception (just for a little while!) and bought every bunny-shaped cookie cutter, paper puncher, and pot holder in sight.

I wonder if they squealed with joy when they saw this brand of sleepwear at Macys:

Jenni by Jennifer Moore

Jenni by Jennifer Moore

The Jenni clothing line appeared on my radar a little before Christmas of last year.  Their long-eared logo appeared on every pajama pant, sock, and panty…and I couldn’t get enough!  Under the guise of shopping for everyone on my Christmas list, I visited every Macy’s in the area to check out their selection of Jenni stuff! 

Check out the pom-pom slipper-socks!

Check out the pom-pom slipper-socks!

At that time, I bought quite a few items from their line, including pajamas, knee-high socks, and the slipper-socks above in pink.  Since then, I haven’t been near the sleepwear section at Macy’s.  There’s no reason why, but it’s probably a good thing.  A twenty-something’s wardrobe can only contain so much bunny-ness before it starts raising concerns.

Top picture from the Macy’s website.
Bottom picture from


July 12, 2009. Bunnies.

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