A Blustery Day?

No matter what wedding date a couple chooses, they probably have some concerns about the weather.  Will it be hot or rainy; blustery or sticky?  Springtime in the Chicago area is especially unpredictable.  Sometimes we skip spring altogether, going straight from an unbearably long winter into summer!

To get an idea of what to expect for our April 2010 wedding, I conducted some research on Weather.com.  Since we haven’t chosen an exact date yet, I saved the whole month!  It’s pretty long, so I’ll just post the first half:

Average weather in April

Average weather in April

In the wintertime, we’d probably miss the sunset by the time we sat down for dinner.  But in April, we’ll be settled at our tables, ready to enjoy the beautiful sunset through the windows 🙂  I expected those average temperatures, and I’m mentally prepared for chilly weather.  Of course, I would be thrilled if our day hit a record high temperature!

Did you know that Weather.com has a whole section of their website devoted to Wedding Planning?  You can track your wedding day weather, get tips for outdoor weddings, and check out their honeymoon planner!  The graph below is from their wedding section and might be helpful for a couple who hasn’t selected their wedding month yet:

The average monthly temps for our area

Weather info for my area

The Wedding Planner by the Weather Channel is a helpful guide, but even with all the statistics, you never know what the weather may bring!


July 14, 2009. Chicago.

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