Venue Day: Signature Events…again!

I’m back with more thoughts on Signature Events at Seven Bridges!  The pictures below don’t do the place justice.  I either failed to use flash or my flash wasn’t powerful enough, so I had to lighten the pictures until they turned grainy.  Pro-photographer, I am not!

The hallway

The hallway from the lobby to the ballroom

Signature Events is the one and only venue that had beautiful hallways.  I saw many hallways that were too wall-papered, too pink, or too glitzy.  I love seeing brick and wood indoors, and they used both in bold amounts with such clean lines.  Will anyone else notice the handsome hallways?  Who knows, but I’ll have a little smile on my face while walking (skipping?  sashaying?) through them!

The area outside the ballroom

The area outside the ballroom

The lobby is to the left of the ballroom, and this room is to the right.  Another aspect I like about Signature Events is that everyone would be in the ballroom together.  A banquet hall we visited placed the bar in a room across the hall; a country club gave guests access to the whole building; and a hotel gives guests an excuse to leave the ballroom and run up to their hotel room for as long as they want!  I don’t want to trap my guests, but I’d love to see them all together in one room.  The lobby and this area outside the ballroom are perfect for stepping out for air and a quieter conversation.

The room set up for a wedding

The room set up for a wedding

Mmmm, a wide open space for our big celebration!  I adore how the ballroom looks with fabric draped across the ceiling and thick, baby blue sashes. Usually chair covers make me think of ghosts (silly, yes, I know), so I try to avoid them. But here, they look cute, harmless, and not overly fabric-y. Maybe the dark wood panels on the walls will be fine. It actually looks like it would be very bright and white in this room with the lights on!

I think Signature Events has become a front-runner because of its proximity to home, contemporary style, and our awesome contact.  I still need to find out a few things before we move forward with it.  Like what can we do about the giant picture frames on the walls?  And while the food looks artistic, what does it taste like?  Are their gardens large enough to take outdoor pictures there?  And how much would it cost to have fabric draped across the ceiling like in the picture above?  I wonder what questions other brides feel it’s important to ask before deciding on a venue!


July 16, 2009. Decor, Venue.

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