Venue Day: Signature Events

Oh, be strong, my fragile heart.  I think I’ve lost Danada House. 

I just couldn’t get the combination of outside catering + rental fees to work.  It started at several thousands of dollars out of my league, and try as I might, I could only get it down to a few less thousands of dollars out of my league.  The beautiful atrium was definitely worth trying for.

It’s time to move forward and consider our other options.  We’ve visited tons of places, and the first one that really felt like “us” was Signature Events in Woodridge.  The pictures below are from their website.

Pretty rows of pretty chairs

Pretty rows of pretty chairs

 The picture above shows where we could have our ceremony.  I’m secretly hoping the sun and clouds will let us have an outdoor ceremony!  This spot definitely looks like…well, the outside of a building.  But I have a fruitful imagination and can already envision a silky aisle runner lined with pink petals and large candles…colorful programs lying on each seat with a cone of petals or bright strands of ribbon hanging from the back of each chair. 

The room where we would have the reception

Part of the ballroom

I love the clean, classy ballroom.  The above picture actually shows the parts of the reception room that I feel uneasy about.  The wood panels across the walls are so dark…would they take away from our light, cheery color scheme?  Also, I’m not a fan of the framed pictures on the walls.  I’m assuming they’re photos of old-time celebrities.  I’d love to cover them with photos of our parents and grandparents…it’d be even cuter if we enlarged and framed their wedding pictures!  We’ll have to ask if we can do this.

Adorable!  Tomato soup with grilled cheese.

Adorable! Tomato soup with grilled cheese.

And what is this cuteness, you might ask?  It is our soup of choice: the tomato soup shooters!  I love thoughtful food presentation, and we’d definitely get that at Signature Events.  I’ve seen pictures of their artistically plated entrees, and they all look divine.  Hopefully I’ll get to share some of those when we go in for a tasting!


July 16, 2009. Decor, Venue.

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    […] and Seek Day, the Fabric Way I have a slight issue with the walls of our most-likely venue.  Their ballroom is handsome, but it’s much too dark for the bright, cheery wedding […]

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