Day to be a Tough Cookie

Okay, so this cookie may not actually be tough…but check out the ferosha-fierce chihuahua!

Okay, so this cookie might not be tough, but check out the ferosh chihuahua!

She is one tough cookie!

I’ll start this post with a little background.  I met my best friend, J, when we were freshmen in high school.  We bonded quickly over our fondness for Sanrio, giggling, and girlie movies.  At the time, we were of the sweet and easy-to-push-around variety.  When someone was mean to us at our first job (serving froyo at TCBY), we would go into the back room and cry. 😕  That’s just how we dealt with confrontation.

We’re more assertive than we were in our TCBY days, but I think I still have a lot more growing to do.  Like many girls, it’s hard for me to put myself first.  I feel terrible when I inconvenience others or have to ask for what I need.  So when it comes to negotiating, I’m not exactly your go-to gal.

However, the love of my life taught me a very important lesson.  I’ll share my paraphrased version here:

:idea:When money is involved, the interaction between two people is about business.  It is not about personal sacrifice or hurt feelings.  It’s about a transaction.

His advice is incredibly eye-opening for me.  The best part is, the more I apply it in our wedding planning, the more it sinks in!  So my next post will include all of my new tips on how to be a brutally fierce negotiator!  Just teasing.  I’ll just compile some things I try to remember when dealing with wedding vendors, so that I stop being “personal sacrifice girl” and start finding my inner tough cookie!


July 21, 2009. What I've Learned.

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