Timing the Day

HOORAY!  We have a wedding photographer!  More on that exciting news soon! 😉

Our photographer will be with us for 8 hours, which led me to wonder if that is enough time for everything.  Since we won’t have our reception at a place with lush gardens and outdoor wonders, I wanted to take some wedding pictures in a scenic park.  I tried creating a general timeline for the wedding day to see how much 8 hours would cover, but I really have no idea where to start.  Thankfully, there are other fabulous wedding websites out there with plenty of advice!

A Wedding Timeline and Schedule

A Wedding Timeline

Weddingchicks has this detailed wedding day schedule which I adore, because it’s broken down into small increments–down to 5 minutes at some points!  And it includes nuggets of wisdom like these:

“7:10.  Salads Plated and Speeches *TIP* Serve salads BEFORE speeches. Speeches that run long make for wilting salads and put dinner behind schedule.”
“7:45.  Entrées Served *TIP* Serve your vendors as you are served so they can take a break and be back for all of the action! No one likes their picture taken while they are eating so it’s the perfect time.” 

I’m on the lookout for more advice regarding wedding timelines.  If I come across anything else that helps me, I’ll share it here!


July 24, 2009. Schedules.

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