Time-a Line-a Ding Dong Day

The faster you read the title of this post, the more fun it sounds!

I think I’ve figured out a big-picture timeline of our wedding day:

12:00  Get Ready
2:00   Outdoor Pictures
4:00   Ceremony
6:00   Cocktail Hour
7:00   Dinner
8:00   Dancing
12:00  Good night!

This is definitely not set in stone, as we don’t even have a ceremony or reception site reserved!  I found some more great references for creating wedding day timelines.  For now, I only want a rough outline of the day—just to see what 8 hours of photography can cover.  It looks like our photographer could come at 1:00 for some getting-ready shots, and then leave at 9:00 after capturing the essential reception shots (first dance, toasts, cake-cutting).  As our day gets closer, I’ll refer back to the following sites to help me sort out all the little details!

  • Kate Parker Weddings recently posted a wedding day schedule from her wedding planner-extraordinaire perspective.
  • Weddingbee has a timeline Wiki with links to real bride’s timelines.  Check out Mrs. Pomegranate’s for all the tiny details.
  • Blue Orchid describes oft-forgotten elements and the importance of a (secretly) padded timeline.
  • Bella Sugar created a useful beauty timeline for the big day.
  • Anne Ruthman offers wedding day scheduling advice from a photographer’s perspective.

July 25, 2009. Schedules.

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