Sunday Bunday!

Oh, Bakerella.  You started so innocently with just a few cupcake-pops and cheesecake-pops:

Adorably tiny bites of cake!

Adorably tiny bites of cake!

 And then you got me hooked with your sweet bunny-pops:

Bun bun yum yums

Bun bun yum yums

Cottontail cuteness

Cottontail cuteness

Now I’m loving all kinds of pops!  Sheep-pops, Santa-hat-pops…and especially these hilariously diverse chick-pops:

Chick pops!

Which one's your fav?

Check out the Bakerella blog for recipes and instructions regarding patriotic pops, turkey pops, Christmas pops, Hello Kitty pops, flower pops, and more!  It’s truly inspiring, as evidenced by the many bakers who’ve created cute pops since Bakerella’s first creations!


July 26, 2009. Bunnies, Foodies, Sweets.


  1. Jeanette replied:

    Hehee these should be your favors. Could you imagine how much fun we would have making these? 🙂

  2. hannahdays replied:

    Omgosh, imagine the possibilities! We could make spring flowers, bunnies, hearts…we could make two that look like Adam and me to use as the wedding cake-toppers!

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