A Treasure a Day

Have you seen *The Perfect* wedding flowers?  Not yet?  Well then, allow me to share them with you!

The top of the cake

Soft roses, playful billy balls, bright anemones--perfection!

I saw these flowers on The Treasured Petal blog a few months ago.  Ever since then, they’ve remained in my mind as *The Perfect* wedding florals…at least for my wedding. 😛  I love the fun combination of flowers used here (hello, pink anemones), and they’re in our wedding colors!  I’ll share the beautiful cake table she put together, and you can check out her blog for the rest of the wedding flowers.

Cake flowers

The colors, the books, the petals

Our plan is to have a simple white cake and ask our florist to add some flowers to it.  The above picture is definitely coming with me to our cake-designing and floral-planning meetings.

In closer detail

Inspiration for my first wedding DIY project

Being a total readaholic and write-aholic, I would love to incorporate the literary elements like the makeshift cake stand and the above candle holders.  The candle holders are going to be my first DIY project.  So far, I’ve purchased cylinder vases, vellum paper, and double stick tape.  I’ve bookmarked pages from my favorite books to wrap around the vases, but I’m still on the search for many more!

The lovely cake table

The lovely cake table

I highly encourage everyone to check out the rest of the Treasured Petal blog.  Wedding florals are just fun to admire, and hers are always beyond beauty and perfection!


August 4, 2009. Decor, Flowers, Sweets.


  1. thetreasuredpetal replied:

    How sweet of you to feature this cake. It remains one of my favorites- I think we have similar taste in florals 🙂 And good for you taking on the hurricane project! It’s easy and gets plenty of oohs and aahs from guests.

  2. Syreeta replied:

    I love, love, love the cake in the pics. A simple cake is the most beaustiful and stunning thing in cake designing. I’m soo excited for your upcoming nuptuals. ❤

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