A Stay-In-and-Read Sort of Day

One of the most delightful things to do in this world is to read.  I don’t just tell this to my students to motivate them to get through the middle chapters of a book, but I truly believe it!  And one of the saddest things is to finish an amazing book and wonder what to do with your time now that you’re not glued to it anymore.

A quick study of Anthropologie store windows helped me discover what to do with that time and those books!  Of course, I’d never do this with my most beloved copies…but don’t these bookish crafts look like a ton of fun?

Book mobiles

Book mobiles

Book mobiles would be perfect to hang over your future scholar’s crib.  😛  Actually, these would have looked cute in my old house.  It had a little nook upstairs with an octangular window, and we never knew what to put up there.  These mobiles, a few shelves of books, and some big pillows would have created a perfect little book nook!

Hanging book art

Hanging book art

Book flowers

Book flowers

Swirls of beautiful books!

Swirls of beautiful books!

I have this last picture in my wedding planning binder.  I’m not sure how I’d use this idea, but I do love the colorful layers of books.

Picture 1:  Apartment Therapy Chicago
Pictures 2 and 3:  Apartment Therapy San Francisco
Picture 4:  Unknown


August 8, 2009. Decor.

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