Hide and Seek Day, the Fabric Way

I have a slight issue with the walls of our most-likely venue.  Their ballroom is handsome, but it’s much too dark for the bright, cheery wedding I’ve always imagined.  Happy citrus colors against all-white walls, tables, and chairs?  Not gonna happen here.  As a quick reminder, here’s what the space looks like:

Handsome, but not entirely our style

Handsome, but not entirely our style

Because of the deep, dark walls and decor of Signature Events, I’ve been doing a ton of brainstorming on how to brighten up the place!  I don’t want to hide everything in the room, but I do think it would look worlds better with our colors if we did a little covering up.  I’m really excited to share my ideas here, because when I talk about them in person, it ends up being a lot of words and hand motions but no real communication of ideas. 😛

First up: Fabric draping!  Not the frilly or window-curtain-y kind.  Something classy, perhaps made modern with some uplighting.  Here are some pictures that inspired me:

Light fabric all around

Light fabric all around

Draping accented with soft pink uplights

Draping accented with soft pink uplights

The above pictures are from Details Details.  The walls are heavy on fabric, but they’re broken up by the gorgeous lighting.  I do want to reveal some of the details of  the room.  One way to do it is with smaller panels, like below:

A simple way to incorporate color

A simple way to incorporate color

I would space out the panels to show off the dark wood on the walls.  Adam’s not a fan of the colored fabric, so we’d probably use white with colored lighting.

A close-up of the cute hanging globes

And just 'cause they're cute, a close-up of the hanging globes

The two pictures above are from a guest blogger on Weddingbee.  What do you think of my first idea for hiding, while still revealing, parts of our ballroom?  Any suggestions of things you’ve seen and liked at special event spaces?


August 10, 2009. Decor, Lighting, Venue.

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