Hide and Seek Day, the Uplighting Way

Adam and I are fans of the uplight.  We’re such big fans that we’re thinking about buying, not renting, them for the wedding and reusing them in our future home!  We’re gonna need a pretty classy home for these babies. 🙂  I tried to find examples of uplighting without fabric draping, so we can see how it looks against bare walls.  These examples highlight beautiful architecture, but they also do the job we need them for: drawing attention away from the dark areas of the room.

Pink uplighting

Soft pink uplighting

Pink and yellow

Yellow and bright pink lights

Purplish pink

Purplish pink

Since our colors are pink, yellow, and orange, I tried to find examples in these shades.  My least favorite, as I anticipated, is orange.  No matter how pretty the place and decor, it still reminds me of Halloween.

Orange lights

Orange lights--I love the flowers on the napkins

The above pictures are from Details Details.  The picture below is from Love and Splendor.  We never planned to incorporate the following color, but we both agree that it looks amazing in every example we’ve seen so far:

Purplish blue

Purplish blue

The blue room looks slick, but my favorite is the top picture.  The soft pink isn’t overwhelming, and it looks the most romantic.  I’ll have to ask Adam to choose his favorite.  What’s yours?


August 11, 2009. Decor, Lighting.


  1. margauxhf replied:

    Very cool! I think my favorite is the purplish blue room. Purple happens to be my favorite color, so that probably has something to do with my choice. All the rooms look awesome. The lighting is very cool.

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