Hide and Seek Day, the Bubbly Way

From what I’ve seen on the wedding blogs, paper lanterns are oh-so-trendalicious.  I can see the appeal.  They’re relatively cheap; they don’t take much effort to set up and break down; and they’re like giant, colorful bubbles floating around an otherwise formal setting!

This week, I’m brainstorming ways to brighten up our dark ballroom.  I’m leaning toward the fabric and uplighting ideas mentioned earlier, because they would actually mask parts of the room.  However, paper lanterns do serve the purpose of drawing attention away from dark areas.  The picture below has dark tables and chairs, but the globes bring color and cheer into the space!

Bright and cheery paper lanterns

Bright and cheery paper lanterns

Lights can be inserted in the paper spheres, as shown by several online tutorials.  I love how the lanterns below surround the dance floor.  I could see this in our ballroom, even though it’s indoors, with all-white or warm golden lights.  And wouldn’t the first dance pictures be magical with these shining lanterns surrounding us?  Mmmm, globe-y, glowy goodness…

Lanterns for the dance floor

Lanterns for the dance floor

Pink and orange paper lanterns

Pink and orange paper lanterns

For lanterns that would last a lifetime, view the example below.  I would purchase these and reuse them around the deck or patio of our future home.  Add a few lounge chairs, colorful throws, and beaded pillows for a sweet space to relax outdoors!  Okay, I’m getting carried away, but just look at these gorgeous things and try not to get inspired:

Colorful lanterns

Colorful lanterns

Picture 1: Details Details
Picture 2: Unknown
Picture 3:  Here Comes the Blog
Picture 4:  Love and Splendor


August 12, 2009. Decor, Lighting.

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