Hide and Seek Day, the Paperie Way

I am REALLY, really excited about my final idea for giving our ballroom a makeover!

The inspiration came a few weeks ago during a trip to visit my parents in Florida.  I always buy a magazine for a flight, and ever since the engagement, the bridal magazines always win my dollar.  I opted for the latest Martha Stewart Weddings.  It wasn’t until I arrived at my parents’ house that I flipped to stationer-extraordinaire Cheree Berry‘s pretty, paper-inspired wedding.  And what did I see?

Pretty paper

Pretty, punchy wall decor!

Above, we can see one of the 16-by-12 foot vinyl banners printed with the bride’s designs.  The couple hung these around the reception room, and it completely personalized the space!  The ceremony signs, below, turned around to reveal the letters XOXO in time for their kiss.

Pretty signs

Simple ceremony signs

So here is my idea: We will print similar signs and use them to cover the picture frames in our ballroom!  Each wall at our (most likely) venue has several large framed photos of celebrities in the 1920’s and 30’s, and they could only be partially hidden by fabric and lighting.  These signs would completely mask the framed photos!  They would be smaller than the banners used at Cheree Berry’s reception but with a similar look—graceful designs in fun, popping colors!

Writing these past few posts has made me feel more comfortable about choosing our venue.  We haven’t signed a contract with them yet, mostly because I felt like the dark room wouldn’t match my wedding vision.  And now I have so many ideas for brightening and personalizing the room!


August 14, 2009. Decor, Stationery.

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