Sunday Bunday!

Bunny jewelry?  Oh, how I wish I could wear you!

I have very little jewelry, mostly because I’m allergic to a lot of materials.  Certain fabrics, lotions, and metals make my sensitive skin go crazy!  My list of “No-Touchies” includes weird things like athletic pants, hot water, zippers, and metal utensils.

I don’t seem to be allergic to gold, unless I wear it for too long.  However, my engagement ring has been perfectly fine—that must be a sign! 😀  This being the case, I’m too nervous about a possible allergic reaction to purchase the following jewelry, but I’ll happily admire them from afar:

Bunny necklace

Bunny necklace

From a distance

From a distance

 I love how tiny and delicate the necklace above looks!  It’s also very affordable…and sweet…and perfect.  Sigh, I wish I could wear it.

Bunny necklace

Bunny necklace

The necklace above comes on a 14k gold fill chain! I’m not sure that’s enough to protect me from an allergic reaction, but I dig the effort. 🙂 I wonder if I could have something like this made in solid gold.  Heehee, that sounded very emperor-like—“Nice flowers.  Bring them to me in solid gold!  Bunnies?  I want them in gold!”  Ahem.  I wonder how to start a project like that.  Any ideas or advice on the custom-made jewelry process?


August 23, 2009. Bunnies, Jewelry.

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