We Have a Date!


Yesterday, Adam called to ask me how I felt about a certain date in April.  I told him it was a weird number, and he said that’s when we’re getting married!  He had just booked the date with our reception venue.  Mine was probably not the response he was expecting. 🙂

I am SO thankful that my responsible, thoughtful Bun chose the date.  I’m too indecisive to choose something so important (monumental!  eternal!!  oh, the pressure…), but I did help by making sure our date checked out with some important considerations.  For example:

  1. Sports:  Our date is long after the 2010 Winter Olympics and Super Bowl.  Thank goodness!
  2. Memorability: We have to be able to remember the date, right?
  3. Holidays and Birthdays:  Easter and my daddy’s birthday fall on the same weekend, which is also the weekend closest to April Fool’s Day.  That’s just asking for trouble!
  4. Weather:  Our date is usually in the 60s during the day and 30s at night.
  5. Other Weddings:  Wouldn’t it be delightful to be the only Spring 2010 wedding?  Alas, other friends and family will be sharing our season, so we worked around their dates.
  6. The Date Number:  Most numbers bother me, unless they’re multiples of 5 or I can make an equation out of the digits that equals a multiple of 5.  Is anyone else like this?
  7. Sales:  We can hit up the After-Christmas, -VDay, and -Easter sales for lights and decorations!

You can find resources online for choosing a date based on astrology, feng shui, flower availability, and a million other ways.  I am so excited!  Our date is dreamy, and the number is not so weird anymore, because we came up with the perfect equation for it. 😛 How did you pick your wedding date?


August 31, 2009. Schedules.

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  1. Mr. Fish replied:

    Crystal is just like you.

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