Sunday Bunday!

Sometimes you just feel like making something from your own two hands.  Want to craft something simple?  Something sweet?  Something bunny-ish?  Look no further than…pom-pom bunnies!

pom-pom bunnies martha s

OMGOSH, so cute.  Even the carrots are cute.  This is one of those projects that, if I started, I would end up making a million and displaying them on every surface of the house.  And below, you can see how to assemble them!

pom-pom bunnies martha

These are from the Easter section of Martha Stewart’s site.  I’d love to hide these all over our reception venue for the kids to find!

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A Fluffy Aisle-Runner

Previously, I tossed around some ideas for including our doggies in the wedding.  And the whole time, I was searching for the source of the picture below.  I still haven’t found it, but the pic is too heart-meltingly cute to keep to myself any longer!

Go, puppy, go!

Go, puppy, go!

Is it the determination in his eyes or the floppiness of his ears that makes this picture?

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Must-Do’s before the I-Do’s

Our wedding date is about seven months away, which explains my utter cool and calm about the whole shebang.  We spent the past six months leisurely deciding on three wedding biggies:

  1. Venue:  Signature Events, the suburban offspring of the John Hancock Building’s Signature Room.
  2. Budget:  Small.  About half of the national average.
  3. Guest List:  250 of our closest family members and maybe 5 friends.

Now that those bad boys are covered, I’m feeling pretty accomplished.  There are projects and meetings that will demand our time as the date approaches.  But if you’re like me, you’re wondering what can be done this far in advance!

Puh-lenty, that’s what!  Here’s my list of Must-Do’s for the next month or two:

  • Find a ceremony site that’s not booked yet!  Eep!
  • Meet with my uncle, our officiant.
  • Book an AH-mazing DJ and videographer.
  • Share thoughts with our florist and photographer.
  • Shop for THE dress (omg, yes!).
  • Ask my best girls to be my bridesmaids.
  • Do something (anything!) with our bland wedding website.
  • Collect people’s addresses.  This part doesn’t sound fun at all.
  • Get excited about collecting people’s addresses!

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Feelin’ a Buzz Today

Guess who’s the newest Weddingbee?!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

I am soooo thrilled!  I’ve read and loved Weddingbee for about three years!  I enjoy reading plenty of wedding-related blogs, but Weddingbee is in a completely different realm of wonderful!  You see, the writers are real brides- and grooms-to-be who are just months away from their wedding date.  The bloggers are a diverse crowd, planning weddings large and small, traditional and contemporary.  They share their gorgeous images and inspiring ideas, many of which I have admired and collected in a “Wedding” file on my computer.  They also share about the emotions and experiences leading up to (and following) their wedding day.  The bloggers and readers have created a unique community that’s honest, encouraging, and surprisingly humble.  After reading many a cynical book about the world of weddings, Weddingbee is a breath of fresh air!

I created this blog as a kind of memory book/keepsake about our journey to the altar.  I also created it in hopes of becoming a writer for my favorite website.  I received THE email asking me to join the hive last week, and since then, Adam has taken me out to dinner every other night to celebrate!  I’m so thankful for my supportive fiance and for the opportunity to give back to this fabulous community!

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Sunday Bunday!

I am SO EXCITED for a special announcement tomorrow.  Until then, I ask: How cute is this bunny stationery?



I would love to have these little note-cards for personal use.  And small packs of them would work as favors for the kids attending our wedding!  The stationery was created by the talented lady over at A Little Hut.

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Oh, Happy Day

Happy colors = happy spirits = happy guests + bride + groom = happy celebration!  That sums ups our no-fail plan for a perfect evening.  When describing our brightly-hued wedding to others, we’re sometimes met with remarks about color overload and bleeding eyeballs. 😯  Thankfully, Adam and I have the same vision, and I think I know where it came from.

A while ago, Adam’s company treated its best and brightest to dinner.  A really nice dinner.  They used multiple bright colors, too, and it was stunning!


Jaws dropped; coworkers raved; chair sashes found their way onto people’s shoulders.  The bursts of color across the sandy beach told guests, “Loosen up; get up; and let’s paaaar-tay!”


As the sun set, the colors fell away in darkness.  Below, you can see how it looked hours into the night.  The right side was the boisterous dining area, lit with red and gold.  The left side was the quieter cocktail area, lit in blue.


This extravagant dinner party pops into my head whenever we’re describing the mood and colors of our wedding.  And when I mention it, Adam’s always thinking the same thing!  Our hot pink, bright yellow, and citrus-y orange palette seems pretty tame in comparison.  Have you been inspired by celebrations you’ve attended?

Photo credits: Adam’s company and me

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Daydreaming in Color

Springtime in Chicago, as I’ve mentioned before, tends to be gray and wintry.  Snow, slush, boots, and thick coats are on display well into the season.  By the time our April wedding date rolls around, I know I’ll be ready for bright tulips and unabashed sunshine!  Adam and I want our guests to shed their coats, walk into our ballroom, and think, “Spring has finally sprung!”  I’ve been flipping through the beautiful inspiration boards at Snippet and Ink, looking for something that can help define our wedding. Something with our fresh, citrus-y colors.  Something that says, “Pow”!  The following boards came with descriptions that match the mood we hope to achieve at our wedding.

Bold and fun:

Pink and yellow!

Pink, orange, and yellow---all of our colors are here!

Bright and classic yet quirky:

Punchy yellow

Who knew yellow could be so bold?

Quirky, cheerful, and fun:


Pretty paper, punch, and pillows

All beautiful ways to usher in the spring season, don’t you think?

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Sunday Bunday!

Adam and I met with our reception coordinator last night. Over the three hours of chatter and laughter, we managed to pound out the dinner menu…including the cake! As originally planned, we’re going with simple, white buttercream frosting all over. Of course, we can always bring in another cake to add color, offer an alternative flavor, or tie into our bunny theme!

Totally sweet bunnies

A bunny-ful dessert

So sweet! While this cake would do the trick, I’d prefer something more subtle for our fun-yet-fancy celebration. I’m on the lookout for a cake stand with one or two bunnies perched along the edge. I’ve seen something like it with birds, and I’ve been dreaming about a bunny version ever since. We could set a small, sprinkle-covered cake on the bunny stand at the wedding, and then use it at home to display fresh-from-the-oven goodies!

Picture Source: Country Living

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Save the Date Saga, Part 3!

The lovely Save the Date template we finally chose:


Oh, magnet, you are the one for me!

My BFF Jen and I got to work changing the colors and uploading engagement pictures.  When we dragged and dropped one particular photo onto the magnet, it had the terrible habit of self-cropping…and cutting off the backside of my head!  Now, I wasn’t too worried about the tiny picture on a tiny magnet, but I knew some family members would notice.

My brother and I learned the hard way that our elders will not accept a picture with part of a head cropped off.  It’s a feng shui mindset that they still carry today, and something to consider for anyone who’s sending pictures to Korean or Chinese friends or family members.  And so, Jen and I went to great (enormous! TREMENDOUS!) lengths to respect our elders.

For longer than I wish to admit, we cropped the photo this way and that; felt our hopes rise as the image processed (“This is it!  It’s gonna work!  I can FEEL it!”); and made a big, dramatic hullaballoo every time my head got chopped.  Finally, Jen thought of a photo alteration that had real hope.  Her solution?  “Draw a big box next to you!”  And wouldn’t you know…it worked.

The picture that saved our Save the Dates!

Us and a box: The picture that saved our Save the Dates!

I texted a fuzzy screenshot of the final product to Adam, who was in Cali this whole time.  He loved them and said to go ahead and make the purchase!  The magnets are due to come in a week, so I’ll post pictures when they arrive.  Eee, I’m so excited to see our names and wedding date in print!  Did you run into any unexpected road bumps while working on a wedding project?  How has your family’s culture affected your projects?

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Save the Date Saga, Part 2

Once I decided on MagnetStreet, I started clicking through their 60+ pages of Save the Date magnets.  Not only were there hundreds of designs, but they could also be customized by changing the pictures, colors, and fonts.  Talk about options!  I kept a list of my favorites and showed them to my BFF, who has an eye for design.  She made the decision process quicker and much more entertaining!  All images below are from the MagnetStreet website.

A peppy pink and red option

A bright and peppy option

Above:  We liked the picture, but, of course, that wouldn’t appear on ours!  Jen pointed out that if we do use photos on our Save-the-Dates, people should see more of us than this circle allowed. I agreed—more face on more space!

A neat and preppy option

A neat and preppy option

I found myself in a bit of a conundrum: I loved sweet and simple designs, but they usually had too much blank space for our tastes! We passed on this one, too. By the way, do the folks above remind you of any famous people? You can find our “Oh My Gosh, he/she looks just like…” answers at the bottom of the post! 🙂

A bunnilicious option!

A bunnilicious option!

Heehee, the bunny was just too cute.  And check out the bride’s name!  After some awws and giggles, we both said no to this one and continued our search for people-centered magnets.

A bold, more detailed option

A bold, detailed option

Above:  I considered something different but turned it down before even showing it to the BFF.  I liked the brightness; it just had too much going on for me.

I’ll show you the winner in my next post!  Oh, and about the second Save the Date?  Jen thought he looked like Mark McGrath, and I thought she looked like Kristin Cavallari!  Not enough to be twins, but enough to make us think, “Wouldn’t that be a random couple?”  Back to the topic at hand, how did you choose your Save the Dates?

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