Mmmm, Can-day!

Our venue offers a Signature Gourmet Sweet Buffet.  I’ve never been to a wedding with a dessert or candy buffet, but I think it’s a fabulously fun idea!  If we were to have one, I’d want to design it with Adam and bring in our favorite candies in our favorite colors!  However, if we want to provide our own sweets buffet, our venue charges a fee of $4 per person.  For our guest list, that’s $800-$1000.  A thousand bucks.  To bring in our own candy. 

Which begs the question:  WHAT???

And more seriously, the question:  Is it worth it?

Color-coordinated candy bars

Color-coordinated candy bars

Oh, pink lollipop trees and swirling Pocky sticks!  Even if we made ours look as spectacular as the ones above, the cost couldn’t be justified.  $1000 + cost of treats + cost of plates/bowls = a huge chunk of cash moneyz!  So yes, you are stunning and surely delicious, Wedding Candy Bar.  But the answer is no.  This is probably only one of many times that I’ll have to calm the (way too excitable) brainstormer inside of me.  There are a million ways we can personalize and beautify our wedding.  We’ll just have to figure out what works for us!

Picture Source: Amy Atlas Events


September 2, 2009. Decor, Favors, Foodies, Sweets.

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