Olay Day

Longing for that bridal glow?  Only have $5 to spend?

Me, too!  And now I’m luxuriating in my own glow.  Here’s the scoop:

A few weeks ago, my BFF Jeanette and I were discussing the perils and wonders of body moisturizers.  The most perilous?  Baby Oil.  We agreed that it’s a brilliant product idea, but we both have allergic reactions to it.  And the most wonderful?  That has to be the Olay In-Shower Body Lotion.

Before our conversation, I had a bottle of this wonder-product sitting in my toiletry cabinet.  I bought it out of curiosity but was afraid of an allergic reaction, so I avoided using it for months.  During our chat, Jen told me how she used hers, had no adverse reaction, and even discovered a (totally unadvertised) bonus: A subtle, sparkly glow!



I tried it and have been using it daily for about two weeks!  It makes my skin feel so soft that when I cross my legs, I bounce them lightly against each other and think, “Ooooh, so smooth!”  I don’t love the perfume-y aroma, so I’m on the hunt for the gold-bottled version in hopes that it has a lighter scent.  Lotion-ing up in the shower is super convenient, and as for that glow?  It’s glow-rious!  Heehee.

Indoors, my skin looks fresh and smooth.  Outdoors, the sun reveals the teeniest gold specks of sparkle all over.  Unlike most shimmery lotions, this sparkle doesn’t get all over your clothes or your fiance’s face (isn’t that adorable when it happens, though?).  It’s perfect for daily use in the summer…or for achieving that beautiful, bridal glow!

Got any wonder-products to share about?


September 4, 2009. Product Reviews.

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