Save the Date Saga, Part 1

As soon as Adam and I chose our date, I was ready and rarin’ to start creating our stationery!  First up:  Save the Dates!

I think magnet Save the Dates are adorable, so I started doing some research on magnet-making companies.  The three I checked out were Overnight Prints, VistaPrint, and MagnetStreet.  I’ll let you know about my brief encounters with the first two and my experience using the last.  I didn’t receive magnets from any of them (yet!), so I can’t comment on the quality of their products.  Of course, their prices, selection, and websites may change after this post!

Overnight Prints

Overnight Prints

First, I checked out Overnight Prints.  As of today, a package of 100 magnets (2″ x 3.5″) sells for $44.95.  On first impression, I thought the designs were a bit outdated and impersonal.  Later, I saw that you can select one of their templates and fill it in with your event details, or you can create a completely custom design in three steps, as shown above!  They offered a ton of background images, organized by categories for easy searching.  If you wanted to build your own design, this would be a great place to go.  I wanted a pre-made (already gorgeous) template to fill in, so I skipped over to my next stop:



Vistaprint is currently selling 100 magnets (2″ x 3.5″) for $26.24.  They didn’t have a section specifically for Save the Date magnets, and I had trouble finding my way through the many links on their homepage.  You could modify pre-made templates like the one above, but again, they weren’t my style.  They also had an option to upload your own complete design!  If you have the computer skills to create a full design on your own, I would definitely consider Vistaprint.  Seriously, what a bargain!  And finally…



As of now, MagnetStreet is selling 100 magnets (2″ x 3.5″) for $119.00.  That’s double the Overnight price, and quadruple the VistaPrint price.  But trust me, the Pros outweigh this Con!  First, they have an entire 60-page section devoted to Save the Date magnets!  Also, their Design Studio (pictured above) was marvelously easy to use.  Once I uploaded my photos, I found another bonus: a photo editor within the design studio!  I used my own before uploading the pictures, but that would have been a great shortcut.  Finally, I was just plain crushing on their templates.  Polished or rustic; vintage or modern; silly or serious—their fresh designs covered all the bases.  Despite the price, this smart and stylish website won my business!

Does anyone know about the quality of the magnets from these sites or other printing places?  I’m so curious how ours will turn out!


September 8, 2009. Product Reviews, Stationery.

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