Save the Date Saga, Part 2

Once I decided on MagnetStreet, I started clicking through their 60+ pages of Save the Date magnets.  Not only were there hundreds of designs, but they could also be customized by changing the pictures, colors, and fonts.  Talk about options!  I kept a list of my favorites and showed them to my BFF, who has an eye for design.  She made the decision process quicker and much more entertaining!  All images below are from the MagnetStreet website.

A peppy pink and red option

A bright and peppy option

Above:  We liked the picture, but, of course, that wouldn’t appear on ours!  Jen pointed out that if we do use photos on our Save-the-Dates, people should see more of us than this circle allowed. I agreed—more face on more space!

A neat and preppy option

A neat and preppy option

I found myself in a bit of a conundrum: I loved sweet and simple designs, but they usually had too much blank space for our tastes! We passed on this one, too. By the way, do the folks above remind you of any famous people? You can find our “Oh My Gosh, he/she looks just like…” answers at the bottom of the post! 🙂

A bunnilicious option!

A bunnilicious option!

Heehee, the bunny was just too cute.  And check out the bride’s name!  After some awws and giggles, we both said no to this one and continued our search for people-centered magnets.

A bold, more detailed option

A bold, detailed option

Above:  I considered something different but turned it down before even showing it to the BFF.  I liked the brightness; it just had too much going on for me.

I’ll show you the winner in my next post!  Oh, and about the second Save the Date?  Jen thought he looked like Mark McGrath, and I thought she looked like Kristin Cavallari!  Not enough to be twins, but enough to make us think, “Wouldn’t that be a random couple?”  Back to the topic at hand, how did you choose your Save the Dates?


September 9, 2009. Product Reviews, Stationery.

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