Save the Date Saga, Part 3!

The lovely Save the Date template we finally chose:


Oh, magnet, you are the one for me!

My BFF Jen and I got to work changing the colors and uploading engagement pictures.  When we dragged and dropped one particular photo onto the magnet, it had the terrible habit of self-cropping…and cutting off the backside of my head!  Now, I wasn’t too worried about the tiny picture on a tiny magnet, but I knew some family members would notice.

My brother and I learned the hard way that our elders will not accept a picture with part of a head cropped off.  It’s a feng shui mindset that they still carry today, and something to consider for anyone who’s sending pictures to Korean or Chinese friends or family members.  And so, Jen and I went to great (enormous! TREMENDOUS!) lengths to respect our elders.

For longer than I wish to admit, we cropped the photo this way and that; felt our hopes rise as the image processed (“This is it!  It’s gonna work!  I can FEEL it!”); and made a big, dramatic hullaballoo every time my head got chopped.  Finally, Jen thought of a photo alteration that had real hope.  Her solution?  “Draw a big box next to you!”  And wouldn’t you know…it worked.

The picture that saved our Save the Dates!

Us and a box: The picture that saved our Save the Dates!

I texted a fuzzy screenshot of the final product to Adam, who was in Cali this whole time.  He loved them and said to go ahead and make the purchase!  The magnets are due to come in a week, so I’ll post pictures when they arrive.  Eee, I’m so excited to see our names and wedding date in print!  Did you run into any unexpected road bumps while working on a wedding project?  How has your family’s culture affected your projects?


September 11, 2009. Product Reviews, Stationery.

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  1. Jen replied:

    There’s also an invitation to match this Save the Date, it will be online soon!

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