Oh, Happy Day

Happy colors = happy spirits = happy guests + bride + groom = happy celebration!  That sums ups our no-fail plan for a perfect evening.  When describing our brightly-hued wedding to others, we’re sometimes met with remarks about color overload and bleeding eyeballs. 😯  Thankfully, Adam and I have the same vision, and I think I know where it came from.

A while ago, Adam’s company treated its best and brightest to dinner.  A really nice dinner.  They used multiple bright colors, too, and it was stunning!


Jaws dropped; coworkers raved; chair sashes found their way onto people’s shoulders.  The bursts of color across the sandy beach told guests, “Loosen up; get up; and let’s paaaar-tay!”


As the sun set, the colors fell away in darkness.  Below, you can see how it looked hours into the night.  The right side was the boisterous dining area, lit with red and gold.  The left side was the quieter cocktail area, lit in blue.


This extravagant dinner party pops into my head whenever we’re describing the mood and colors of our wedding.  And when I mention it, Adam’s always thinking the same thing!  Our hot pink, bright yellow, and citrus-y orange palette seems pretty tame in comparison.  Have you been inspired by celebrations you’ve attended?

Photo credits: Adam’s company and me


September 16, 2009. Decor.

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