TCBY on The Office!

OH MY GOSH!  There was a TCBY shout-out on The Office this week!

Michael:  And then, I think I am going to go to the garlic festival.

Jim:  Wow.

Michael:  Sounds like fun. You guys would love it. They have a TCBY booth! Same stuff you get downtown. Do you like TCBY?

Jim:  Who doesn’t?

Michael:  “I can’t believe it’s… I can’t believe it’s yogurt.”


Heehee.  My mom had a TCBY when she lived in the area—my first job was making TCBY cakes and pies.  My parents have another one in Florida now!  It’s not as popular as it once was, so I get really excited when I see ads or hear mentions of it.


Growing up, I had straight fro-yo for breakfast, lunch, and after dinner.  I had even more in college, when I discovered I couldn’t drink milk anymore.  It was the perfect replacement and complement to my breakfast cereal every morning. 😉  Nowadays, I get the smoothies.  The only ingredients are yogurt, ice, and tons of fruit!  So delicious:


Thanks, Michael Scott, for getting the word out. 🙂

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Our Friends and Family Plan

Seeking out wedding vendors is tough, time-consuming task.  I looked at ads in local wedding magazines, received referrals from venues, and asked newly married friends.  After swimming through a sea of unfamiliar names, I had an awesome idea:  Ask my mom!  She always knows what to do!

fam2Mommy and me ❤

She thought of some friends and relatives off the top of her head, and I hesitated.  “Is it okay to ask people we know?  Won’t they want to relax and enjoy the wedding as normal guests?”  She shooed away my concerns, and said that she would start asking around.  Here’s who we’ve recruited so far:

  • Our officiant is my uncle.  He’s a pastor and a devoted dad to my two adorable cousins.  He’s also really funny and easygoing—just the kind of person I want close to me on the big day!
  • Our graphic designer is my beautiful and talented cousin.  I have lots of embarrassing pictures of us from our childhood and adolescence, but we’ll save those for her wedding. 😉
  • Our florist is my “auntie.”  She’s not family, but our families have been friends since before I was born.  I have fond memories of babysitting her little girl and watching my mom help arrange flowers for her shop.
  • My hair and makeup artist is another “auntie.”  She has several successful salons in our area, and I am glad that I’ll have a familiar face with me on the morning of our wedding day!

I asked my mom if I should draw up contracts with them, and she said that it’s not necessary.  As long as they’re free on our wedding day, we’ll be all set!  I have to admit, the easy-breeziness of it all worries me.  What if something happens—what if they have to go out of state or they get sick that weekend?

But my nerves settle when I realize that these are people who have known me since I was a tiny tot.  They care about me, and if something went wrong, they would make it right without a second thought.   I feel relieved knowing that the details are in the hands of people I know and love.

Do you have any family-member-vendors or (as other Bees have called them) friendors?

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A Map of Our World

Our invitations are currently in the works!  I’ve been talking with a graphic designer to come up with something formal, bright, personal, and cute!  I love cute. 🙂  And even though I have no idea what it will look like, I already know that my favorite part is going to be the map!

Mr. Parfait and I grew up (and currently live) in the town where we’re having our ceremony.   Our houses are about 30 seconds away from each other, and our reception venue is just down the street!  All of this close proximity means that we can feature our favorite places on the map, including:

  • Our current homes
  • The place we met: Our high school!
  • The hill where we have all our picnic-and-frisbee afternoons
  • The fountain where he proposed to me
  • Our favorite restaurant
  • Our favorite ice cream shop
  • Oh, and our church and reception venue…can’t forget those!

While looking for map-inspiration, I came across Aerialist Press.  I fell in love with the maps in their gallery!  Here is a sampling of what they create:

map aerialistSource

map aerialist2Source

map aerialist3Source

These three maps have completely different styles, but I adore all of them!  The first is formal; the second is playful; and the third is very straightforward.  I think my older relatives would appreciate the third one the most, but my younger ones would get a kick out of the second one.


Isn’t this so creative?  I had to include this map, because our first date was at The Cheesecake Factory, too. 🙂 

 Which map is your favorite?  And what other places would you include on your wedding map?

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Sunday Bunday!

Happy Sunday!  I’m blogging from beautiful Florida, where the sun don’t quit!  Seriously, it’s way too hot here.  Make the sweating (ahem, glowing) stop!

This Sunday Bunday is extra special, because it’s my parents’ 29th wedding anniversary!  Happy anniversary to them!

I’ve been fiddling with  my parents’ computer all week.  When I got here, it took five minutes to open a browser and another five minutes to get from the home page to my email account!  Yeow!  (That’s my Demi Lovato noise.  She has an awesome “Yeow!”)  After some debugging and startup-task-deleting, it’s working faster but still not fast enough to be normal.  That’s the best this non-computer-geek can do, so I’ll let my brother finish the job when he visits next week!

The biggest downside to their computer being weirdly unfunctional?  I cannot upload anything to my blog!  Yeow!  (Okay, maybe “Boo” would’ve been more appropriate there.  I just needed more practice.)  Thankfully, writer’s block has struck me more than once, so I have plenty of started-but-not-finished blog entries that I could post.  My freshy fresh posts will have to wait till next week!

Until then, enjoy some posts that I meant to post a long time ago. 🙂

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Our Photographer

Oh, wedding photography.  You make me laugh and cry.  You’re the apple of my eye.  You’re the yummy in my tummy.  You’re the art that makes me sigh.

I love wedding photography so much that I would write one bad poem a day to earn our own set of wedding photos.  Instead, I wrote one letter to Brittany of Hanle Productions, asking her to please be our photographer.  And oh my goodness—she said yes!


I found her while browsing through Snippet & Ink one day.  I followed her link, flipped through the pictures in her gallery, and fell in love with her style more and more with each click.  Her photos struck me as intimate, thoughtful, and honest. Just to be doubly sure I was making a good choice, I asked my BFF to take a look at the pictures, too.  She loved them and said that Brittany takes the kind of pictures that make her cry.  Me, too; me, too!

hanle 1

And just to be triple sure, I pored over any information I could find on Brittany’s website.  I loved this excerpt about her company:

A Milwaukee-based photography company specializing in fine art photography, inspired by high fashion, personal histories, and the beautiful people we are surrounded by each day.  Our clients inspire our work, and it is an honor to capture such intimate moments of their lives.


And just to be quadruple sure, I asked Adam about it.  He liked her style, and he just wanted to be sure that I liked it.  I got all indecisive about it, because I felt like it was such a huge decision.  I thought I needed more options and more time to think about it.  But then I thought about the conversation with my BFF, the descriptions on Brittany’s website, and the pictures I saw.

hanle 2

And I made my decision.  Adam and I took a trip up to Milwaukee to meet up with Brittany.  I was SO INCREDIBLY intimidated on our way there, because I was expecting some kind of luminary photography goddess.  But then we met her, and she was so sweet and humble.  We laughed and talked with her, signed the contract, and drove home with happy hearts.  You can expect many more cheesey poems once I get our wedding photos!  Oh, the songs I will sing over them!

Anyone else out there over-thinking every wedding decision, even the easy ones?  How did you choose your wedding photographer?

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Sunday Bunday!

Happy two year anniversary, Bun!

Adam and I celebrated our anniversary all weekend in Chicago.  We did one of my favorite things: walking around in a city, hand in hand!  We stopped at our jewelry store, and he unexpectedly found a wedding ring he liked…so he bought it!  Then he took me over to Papersource, since I’d been dying to go, and helped me choose a few packs of paper to play around with at home.  We nabbed free goodies at a bagel shop that was closing for the night and shopped on the perpetually-crowded Michigan Avenue.


We ended our perfect day with dinner and dessert at Hot Chocolate.  Absolutely, amazingly, awe-inspiringly delicious!  I would eat dinner there every night this week, if it weren’t for the drive.  I did my happy dance after every bite.  And of course, their hot chocolate was, mmmm, so good!


All of this celebrating got us reminiscing about our first date:

It was Sweetest Day 2007.  I was living in New York; he was here in Naperville.  After weeks of phone calls and long emails, I came home to visit my family and see Adam.

We started with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory–one of my favorites.  We drove to the Old Town area of Chicago to see a comedy show at the famous Second City.  We walked around hand in hand, looking up at skyscrapers and trees lit with pink for Sweetest Day.  We drove back to my house and lingered in the car on the driveway.  We talked about being old, brownstones, 3-D movies, things that are pink, and things that made us both laugh…

And we were hooked ever since.  Two years later, and I still get excited to see him every day.  I can’t wait to make him my husband and be his wife.  Happy two years, my love!

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Dress-Shopping, Finally!

“Your wedding is in six months?  You need to choose a dress TODAY!”

I lost track of how many times I heard that last weekend when I FINALLY went wedding dress shopping!  One of my excuses for waiting so long was that I wanted to go with my mom.  My dad realized that I was just going to keep twiddling my thumbs until she got here, so he put her on a plane with instructions to visit as many bridal shops as I wanted.  We went to three, which was more than enough for us!

First, we went to White Satin Bridal in Plainfield.  The store was spacious, clean, and peaceful.  Totally our style.  I loved every minute we spent there!


[Note to ADAM:  This post contains pictures of me in white dresses.  If you truly do not want to see me in a wedding dress until April, please stop here. ;)]

I told Sarah, one of the sweet owners of the store, my dress guidelines:  Slim.  Simple.  No ruching.  She brought me a dozen dresses, and I fell in love with a few.  Please ignore my crazy pinky fingers in these pictures.  Adam talks with his hands; I talk with my pinkies.  Potatoes, po-tah-toes!


 Off to the next store!  My mom’s dear friend (I’ll call her Auntie J here) came along for the fun.  When onlookers in the crowded store saw me in this dress, we heard them exclaim, “Sold!” and, “That is the one for you!”  Auntie J gave us her hilariously honest opinion later on: “Oh honey, the front was beautiful.  But that was a LOT of fabric hanging off your *ss!”


I only tried on two dresses at that store.  I liked the swishy-ness of the second one:


And finally, we reached the last shop on our list.  Since it was our last hurrah, Mom and Auntie J brought me dress after dress to try on.  They said they wanted me to try on dresses outside of my style, but I think they were just tired of seeing the same cut in a million variations. 😉  It was fun, and I learned that the style I like really is the most flattering and the most “me.”


 Yep, there go the pinkies again.  They must have liked that one.


And the conclusion?  I went back to the first shop with my FMIL, SIL, brother, nephew, and niece.  I put on my two favorite dresses.   And I bought the one that made my two-year-old nephew say, “Komo looks so pretty.”  It’s staying top secret until the wedding day!  (Unless I cave and post pictures during the fittings.  Highly likely.)

I LOVED wedding dress shopping.  I had no idea that they clamped extra fabric in the back with Chip Clips.  I also learned that almost all wedding dresses have trains that must be bustled (I hadn’t noticed!).  And best of all, I learned that when you find your dress, you will sigh with joy, twirl with glee, and your pinkies will dance their most happiest happy dance.

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A Place for Our Promise

Early in our planning process, I took a survey from my wedding planning organizer called “Your Couple Style Questionnaire.”  Of course, after I wrote down my answers, I read the questions to Adam so I could hear his answers, too. 🙂 

When asked what we envision for our wedding, we both chose “modern/contemporary” over “classic/traditional” and “somewhere in between.”  With our modern/contemporary vision in mind, we set out to find a ceremony location!

Outdoor Parks:  We would both love to get married outside, and nature isn’t even on the “traditional to modern” spectrum.  Grass and flowers are timeless!  But the weather is too chancey, and the flowers and leaves may not be out until May.

ceremony cant Cantigny Gardens in Wheaton

Concert halls:  The ones we looked into are definitely modern.  I’ve never seen a wedding on stage in person, so I liked how unique and grand it would feel!  But a concert hall would be too big–our guests would be swallowed up in the space, and we’d be little ants on stage!

ceremony wentzconcerthall3Wentz Concert Hall in Naperville

Churches:  These are on the “classic/traditional” end of the spectrum, but honestly, we were running out of ceremony venue ideas.  My mom and I visited a few churches in our area.  We saw exquisite stained glass, magnificent pipe organs, and ornate altars.  One of the churches on our list happened to be my childhood church.  When we walked in, I looked down at the humble tiled floors I used to run across and looked up at the wooden balcony that my friends and I used to sneak into and hide.  I smiled.  It felt familiar.  Homey.  Warm.

S1050908 (1)My childhood church (picture by me)

I hesitated when telling Adam about it, trying not to sound like I’d made a decision.  I showed him pictures.  I told him I knew it didn’t match our vision for the wedding.  It’s not grand or special in any way, except that I spent every Sunday there in my formative years.  He stopped me and said that he only meant the “modern/contemporary” description for our reception.  He said if I wanted to get married in my childhood church, we should get married there.  😀  

And so, we ended up with a modern, contemporary reception hall and a classic, traditional church.  Isn’t it funny how life moves in circles?  I never expected to end up making vows for my future in a place of my past.

Does your ceremony or reception location have personal significance to you?

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Sunday Bunday!

I used to think there was nothing sweeter than a bunny-shaped cookie, bunny-topped cupcake, or bunny molded chocolate.  Well, consider me proven wrong!

bunnymarshmallowfavors kimvalleeSource: Twig and Thistle via Kim Vallee

Say hello to the sweet and sugar-sprinkled bunny marshmallows!  Possibly the sweetest bunny item ever.  What’s next—bunny cotton candy?  One can only dream!

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Riding in Style Down the Aisle

Adam and I are really close to our families.  It’s part of what attracted me to him.  My parents and brother are my best friends, and I wanted someone who felt the same way.  I love how Adam interacts with his parents, brother, and sister; and I know we’ll naturally create that closeness in our future family.

I’ve thought of some simple ways to honor our parents and siblings at the wedding.  But we each have a sibling who’s gotten married before us…and had babies!  Combined, we have three nephews and one niece.  I’d love to include all three boys in the wedding, but I’m not sure what role a two-, three-, or four-year old can play besides the ring bearer.  I want to have our niece play the part of flower girl, but she will barely be a year old in April!  She may not be walking yet, much less in a specific direction while tossing petals.

Thankfully, I found a solution!

Wagon Source: Unknown

Adorable!Source: Mrs. Gummi Bear

A flower girl wagon!  Ahhhh, too cute!

Perhaps I can convince my brother and sis-in-law to let me makeover their unused wooden wagon.  I would have so much fun decking it out with flowery girliness!  Add a soft pillow for seating, plop down an angelically-dressed baby girl, and we’re ready for the aisle!

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