Paint It All Citrus!

I just realized that I’ve neglected to give credit to the brains behind our color scheme.  Back when Adam and I were first engaged, we had our hearts set on a blue-hued celebration.  As I do with all things wedding-related (and life-related), I asked my mom for her opinion.  She is a woman of grace and good taste, and I always take her suggestions to heart.  She encouraged me to pick colors that make me feel happy and celebratory!  After a day of thinking happy thoughts, I suggested a new color palette to Mr. Parfait: the pink, orange, and yellow that you now see all over my blog!  The bright, citrus colors definitely make me feel like celebrating.  And wouldn’t you know…he loved it!  Thanks, Mom! 🙂

Since then, I’ve wondered where to include our colors.  A few basics come to mind: the bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, and paper items will feature pink, orange, and yellow.  Where else would we need them?  Of course, Martha Stewart came through with a whole slew of unique ideas for incorporating citrus colors throughout a celebration!


Cutest straws ever?

I love the beverage jars!  I’ve been trying to decide if we should have signature drinks and what they should be.  It would be sweet if they were bubbly, citrus drinks that matched our colors!  We don’t have plans for decorating the cocktail room yet.  We could serve and display the drinks in there to add a bit of color!


Multi-colored, multi-leveled centerpieces

Most flower-less centerpieces seem like they’re missing something to me, but this collection of candles looks full and bright.  I would place the boxes below on each napkin to add color to the table.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what I’d put in these adorable boxes!  Our favor possibilities include pashminas, frisbees, and blankets.  Not exactly snack-sized items.


Adorable favors

 How are you incorporating your colors in your celebration?


October 2, 2009. Lighting.

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