Riding in Style Down the Aisle

Adam and I are really close to our families.  It’s part of what attracted me to him.  My parents and brother are my best friends, and I wanted someone who felt the same way.  I love how Adam interacts with his parents, brother, and sister; and I know we’ll naturally create that closeness in our future family.

I’ve thought of some simple ways to honor our parents and siblings at the wedding.  But we each have a sibling who’s gotten married before us…and had babies!  Combined, we have three nephews and one niece.  I’d love to include all three boys in the wedding, but I’m not sure what role a two-, three-, or four-year old can play besides the ring bearer.  I want to have our niece play the part of flower girl, but she will barely be a year old in April!  She may not be walking yet, much less in a specific direction while tossing petals.

Thankfully, I found a solution!

Wagon Source: Unknown

Adorable!Source: Mrs. Gummi Bear

A flower girl wagon!  Ahhhh, too cute!

Perhaps I can convince my brother and sis-in-law to let me makeover their unused wooden wagon.  I would have so much fun decking it out with flowery girliness!  Add a soft pillow for seating, plop down an angelically-dressed baby girl, and we’re ready for the aisle!


October 3, 2009. Uncategorized.

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