Dress-Shopping, Finally!

“Your wedding is in six months?  You need to choose a dress TODAY!”

I lost track of how many times I heard that last weekend when I FINALLY went wedding dress shopping!  One of my excuses for waiting so long was that I wanted to go with my mom.  My dad realized that I was just going to keep twiddling my thumbs until she got here, so he put her on a plane with instructions to visit as many bridal shops as I wanted.  We went to three, which was more than enough for us!

First, we went to White Satin Bridal in Plainfield.  The store was spacious, clean, and peaceful.  Totally our style.  I loved every minute we spent there!


[Note to ADAM:  This post contains pictures of me in white dresses.  If you truly do not want to see me in a wedding dress until April, please stop here. ;)]

I told Sarah, one of the sweet owners of the store, my dress guidelines:  Slim.  Simple.  No ruching.  She brought me a dozen dresses, and I fell in love with a few.  Please ignore my crazy pinky fingers in these pictures.  Adam talks with his hands; I talk with my pinkies.  Potatoes, po-tah-toes!


 Off to the next store!  My mom’s dear friend (I’ll call her Auntie J here) came along for the fun.  When onlookers in the crowded store saw me in this dress, we heard them exclaim, “Sold!” and, “That is the one for you!”  Auntie J gave us her hilariously honest opinion later on: “Oh honey, the front was beautiful.  But that was a LOT of fabric hanging off your *ss!”


I only tried on two dresses at that store.  I liked the swishy-ness of the second one:


And finally, we reached the last shop on our list.  Since it was our last hurrah, Mom and Auntie J brought me dress after dress to try on.  They said they wanted me to try on dresses outside of my style, but I think they were just tired of seeing the same cut in a million variations. 😉  It was fun, and I learned that the style I like really is the most flattering and the most “me.”


 Yep, there go the pinkies again.  They must have liked that one.


And the conclusion?  I went back to the first shop with my FMIL, SIL, brother, nephew, and niece.  I put on my two favorite dresses.   And I bought the one that made my two-year-old nephew say, “Komo looks so pretty.”  It’s staying top secret until the wedding day!  (Unless I cave and post pictures during the fittings.  Highly likely.)

I LOVED wedding dress shopping.  I had no idea that they clamped extra fabric in the back with Chip Clips.  I also learned that almost all wedding dresses have trains that must be bustled (I hadn’t noticed!).  And best of all, I learned that when you find your dress, you will sigh with joy, twirl with glee, and your pinkies will dance their most happiest happy dance.


October 14, 2009. Dresses, Wedding dresses.

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