Sunday Bunday!

Happy two year anniversary, Bun!

Adam and I celebrated our anniversary all weekend in Chicago.  We did one of my favorite things: walking around in a city, hand in hand!  We stopped at our jewelry store, and he unexpectedly found a wedding ring he liked…so he bought it!  Then he took me over to Papersource, since I’d been dying to go, and helped me choose a few packs of paper to play around with at home.  We nabbed free goodies at a bagel shop that was closing for the night and shopped on the perpetually-crowded Michigan Avenue.


We ended our perfect day with dinner and dessert at Hot Chocolate.  Absolutely, amazingly, awe-inspiringly delicious!  I would eat dinner there every night this week, if it weren’t for the drive.  I did my happy dance after every bite.  And of course, their hot chocolate was, mmmm, so good!


All of this celebrating got us reminiscing about our first date:

It was Sweetest Day 2007.  I was living in New York; he was here in Naperville.  After weeks of phone calls and long emails, I came home to visit my family and see Adam.

We started with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory–one of my favorites.  We drove to the Old Town area of Chicago to see a comedy show at the famous Second City.  We walked around hand in hand, looking up at skyscrapers and trees lit with pink for Sweetest Day.  We drove back to my house and lingered in the car on the driveway.  We talked about being old, brownstones, 3-D movies, things that are pink, and things that made us both laugh…

And we were hooked ever since.  Two years later, and I still get excited to see him every day.  I can’t wait to make him my husband and be his wife.  Happy two years, my love!


October 18, 2009. Bunnies.

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