Our Photographer

Oh, wedding photography.  You make me laugh and cry.  You’re the apple of my eye.  You’re the yummy in my tummy.  You’re the art that makes me sigh.

I love wedding photography so much that I would write one bad poem a day to earn our own set of wedding photos.  Instead, I wrote one letter to Brittany of Hanle Productions, asking her to please be our photographer.  And oh my goodness—she said yes!


I found her while browsing through Snippet & Ink one day.  I followed her link, flipped through the pictures in her gallery, and fell in love with her style more and more with each click.  Her photos struck me as intimate, thoughtful, and honest. Just to be doubly sure I was making a good choice, I asked my BFF to take a look at the pictures, too.  She loved them and said that Brittany takes the kind of pictures that make her cry.  Me, too; me, too!

hanle 1

And just to be triple sure, I pored over any information I could find on Brittany’s website.  I loved this excerpt about her company:

A Milwaukee-based photography company specializing in fine art photography, inspired by high fashion, personal histories, and the beautiful people we are surrounded by each day.  Our clients inspire our work, and it is an honor to capture such intimate moments of their lives.


And just to be quadruple sure, I asked Adam about it.  He liked her style, and he just wanted to be sure that I liked it.  I got all indecisive about it, because I felt like it was such a huge decision.  I thought I needed more options and more time to think about it.  But then I thought about the conversation with my BFF, the descriptions on Brittany’s website, and the pictures I saw.

hanle 2

And I made my decision.  Adam and I took a trip up to Milwaukee to meet up with Brittany.  I was SO INCREDIBLY intimidated on our way there, because I was expecting some kind of luminary photography goddess.  But then we met her, and she was so sweet and humble.  We laughed and talked with her, signed the contract, and drove home with happy hearts.  You can expect many more cheesey poems once I get our wedding photos!  Oh, the songs I will sing over them!

Anyone else out there over-thinking every wedding decision, even the easy ones?  How did you choose your wedding photographer?


October 22, 2009. Our Friendly Vendors.

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