Sunday Bunday!

Happy Sunday!  I’m blogging from beautiful Florida, where the sun don’t quit!  Seriously, it’s way too hot here.  Make the sweating (ahem, glowing) stop!

This Sunday Bunday is extra special, because it’s my parents’ 29th wedding anniversary!  Happy anniversary to them!

I’ve been fiddling with  my parents’ computer all week.  When I got here, it took five minutes to open a browser and another five minutes to get from the home page to my email account!  Yeow!  (That’s my Demi Lovato noise.  She has an awesome “Yeow!”)  After some debugging and startup-task-deleting, it’s working faster but still not fast enough to be normal.  That’s the best this non-computer-geek can do, so I’ll let my brother finish the job when he visits next week!

The biggest downside to their computer being weirdly unfunctional?  I cannot upload anything to my blog!  Yeow!  (Okay, maybe “Boo” would’ve been more appropriate there.  I just needed more practice.)  Thankfully, writer’s block has struck me more than once, so I have plenty of started-but-not-finished blog entries that I could post.  My freshy fresh posts will have to wait till next week!

Until then, enjoy some posts that I meant to post a long time ago. 🙂


October 25, 2009. Bunnies.

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